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One thing that happens to many Webmasters and Affiliates is that over the years we start to hate our main sites. They can become more of a chore than something we love, but we also don’t want to get rid of them because they become like our children. The thing is that you don’t have to hate your main sites, you can give yourself a distraction that you may not get tired of as easily. One thing that I recommend is creating smaller seasonal sites.  Find a new site or a few new sites and go for seasonal sales and writing. Not only can it bring in extra revenue each season, but it gives you a break from having to write about the same topic over and over.

The first thing to think about are fiscal quarters and the specific niches or markets that have their busy seasons in each quarter.    I did a post on Q1 Markets which are great for people who don’t want to have to rely on Q4 sales all year round.  There are certain industries that do well depending on the quarter or season you are in.

In the post I talked about Q1 markets like resale, wholesale, exercise and New Years Resolution, As Seen On TV, Jobs and Others.  You can also think about seasons like Summer with Pool Supplies and Pool Game ideas.  Winter like how to decorate snowmen or create snow animals.  You can also think about Spring Break Vacation planning for Adults and even recommend different things to keep kids busy during the Summer months.  You could create a calendar to help parents plan an activity a day or release a weeks worth of them at once.  If you think that that could get boring as well, why not go after even smaller niches and time frames like holidays or mini seasons.

In February you have Valentines where you could write about romance or ways to treat your husband or wife to a romantic evening on a budget.  You can then extend the site if it takes off into Anniversaries.  Try to create 14 new romantic days each year and start on February 1st and end on Valentines.   Or you could do a bitter blog about being alone or with single friends on Valentines Day.  You have gag gifts in April for April Fools Day and Back to School sites and how to budget for it in late summer and a smaller back to school season after New years.  In October you have Halloween Party Ideas or you can promote costumes like everyone else.  Instead of Christmas, do a Thanksgiving decorating site.  You can run satyrical spoofs like how to drink away the pain of house guests at the holidays or do a site about cocktails to match your holiday meals.  Parents can create sites about 1 thing to do each day while their kids are at camp or on winter break from school.  The point is that when your sites start to become chores, create smaller sites that you don’t have to work on year round but can have fun with for a few weeks or months seasonally.   If one or two of them take off you’ll have extra income during that holiday season.

Smaller seasonal sites are a great way to keep your main sites from becoming a chore.  They are fun and let you be creative.  The important thing is to make sure you don’t let your main sites and income die by focusing only on your seasonal sites.  Instead find ways to break up the everyday updates and give yourself a break with something that can be fun and possibly profitable for you.  Seasonal sites are distractions that break up your day and can make your main site more fun again.

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