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This post is more of something that annoys me, and then also a really cool stop motion video that has nothing to do with the topic.  Feel free to skip the post and go to the to the video if you don’t want to read the post lol.   The topic of the information in the post is to not forget to use title tags on your internal and non-indexable pages.  Sounds weird right?  It isn’t, it’s about user experience.

Every day I have to do a report with about 9 vendors.  I open each site up into unique browser windows and tabs and work my way through the data entry.  The problem, even when I only have one vendor and a couple of other browser windows and spreadsheets opened is that when I am going back and forth on broswers to update the spreadsheets, most of these vendors don’t title their internal pages.  What this does is make me have to guess which one is for which vendor which wastes a lot of my time.  At this point since I have been doing it for a while it is all out of habit and easy. When I first started the report though it was a huge time waster.  All the vendors had to do was use their company name as the title tag and the little tabs at the bottom of my screen would have let me know which browser screen was for which vendor and they would have made my life easier and more productive.  Sometimes it’s those little things which don’t take much time that can make a difference in a user experience.  Look at your site and think about your internal pages, are they friendly for your employees to surf through and how about for external people and users.

Dating sites can label sections inside like search for profiles, inbox, etc…  PPC vendors can label it Company name, bids, analytics, account, etc…  Email companies can label them past campaigns, new campaigns, test emails, analytics, etc…  Think about how your internal system is and how you can make it better for your users.  Now here is the really cool video that has nothing to do with marketing or this post but  is completely worth watching.  Thanks for reading.

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