Green Monday Marketing Campaigns.

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One term most Marketers haven’t heard of and that I completely forgot about until I saw a post on today was Green Monday.

Green Monday gets the term green, not because it is eco friendly or good for the environment, but because of Christmas being green.  You could also say because green usually means go or hurry or hit the gas because when you hear Green Monday, this is your last chance or last week to possibly buy your products and have them ship in time for Christmas.

Green Monday is completely not politically correct because it only caters to Christmas, but at the same time, it is a great Marketing campaign to run and try.  The other issue with Green Monday is that it is very unreliable and since the 25th can fall on any day of the week, chances are there will be no actual peak Monday that could be legitimately names Green Monday since shipping can be over night or need a week, etc… so you are better off calling it the Green Week or Last Chance to ship for Christmas campaigns.

Anyways, Green Monday may be a term you start to hear over the next year or two and if you do, remember that Green Monday is actually a series of days that mean the last few days to ship to get your gifts to arrive in time for Christmas.

If you haven’t dropped your email campaigns yet for Green Monday, now is the time to prep your campaigns and get them going.  And if you aren’t doing anything for Green Monday, well now you can prepare your Marketing plans for next year’s Green Monday and really get the most out of your Holiday Green Monday campaigns.

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