The Affiliate Marketing Awards in San Francisco.

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I am very excited to announce that besides the coveted Affiliate Summit Pinnacle awards and the awards, there is now a show for the Affiliate Marketing Awards (Use coupon code AR10 to save 10% off Affiliate Marketing Awards Tickets).   The first ever Affiliate Marketing Awards is a new series of awards to let the industry vote on who they feel should be awarded for their dedication to the industry.  There are numerous categories and judges from all aspects of the performance industry including CPA, Affiliate and more.  This also means that you have people nominating from all aspects from adware to adware cleanup and CPA to CPS Marketing.  I am very excited to see who gets nominated and who gets to win.

The Affiliate Marketing Awards are taking place in San Francisco at the W hotel on April 12th, 2011.  The event should be packed with industry veterans including judges Shawn Collins, Jay Weintraub and Steve Hall.  @AffiliateAwards is also the official Twitter Handle for the Affiliate Marketing Awards.

The Affiliate Marketing Awards tickets are extremely affordable and you can use coupon code AR10 to save 10% off any ticket purchase.  If you need to know where to stay, the show is at a hotel and usually W hotels are pretty nice.  I highly recommend them based on the ones I have stayed at.  I love the Whatever Whenever service the provide.  San Francisco is also an amazing city and the perfect home to the first annual Affiliate Marketing Awards.

The Affiliate Marketing Awards Categories:

  • Best CPS Network
  • Best CPL Network
  • Best CoReg Network
  • Best Merchant Campaign
  • Best Agency
  • Best Affiliate Manager
  • Best Banners
  • Best Overall Affiliate
  • Best Content Affiliate
  • Best PPC Affiliate
  • Best Merchant Innovation
  • Best Affiliate Innovation
  • Best Sales Campaign
  • Best Lead Generation Campaign
  • And More!

You can nominate your favorite candidates by Clicking Here.  Nominations do cost money so if you do nominate someone it means it really came from the heart.

I’m very excited about this as it shows that the Affiliate Marketing industry is still growing strong and people are still building a good brand for it.  I’m probably going to head to the show so if you are there and want to meet up, let me know.

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    1. Yes, it means you better nominate me or I’m eating the heck out of your Ben and Jerry’s for the depression of losing. lol. =0)

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