Things to Prepare Before Being an Entreprenuer – My List

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Working for myself has been an amazing experience.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I get to do amazing things like swim with sharks, jump off towers, travel the world and meet celebrities.

At the same time I have had and still have downs where money is an issue, work/life balance is an issue and maintaining relationships with friends, significant others and everyone around you can seem impossible.  The one thing I’ve learned is to keep fighting and keep moving forward.

People leave you for better opportunities.  People will stab you in the back and your enemies may call you when it happens.  What I’ve learned from those calls is that instead of some of your enemies laughing at you, they may offer help, a shoulder to cry on and help get you going again.  Not all of your “enemies” are enemies and you never know who will be there when you need someone.

I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years from starting and created my company and this sheet is what I am going to print out and put on my wall.

These ten things are what keep me going and keep me focused.  I should add in do everything as best as you can, make sure you do your best to help others, etc…  because I believe in that; but that is for my business model and may not be yours.  Here are ten things that I think everyone can benefit from if you’re thinking about leaving your job and if you use them the right way.Please feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments section below.

I hope my list of ten things is able to help you as well.  Please also feel free to share the graphic.  It’s a solid JPG so I won’t get backlinks, etc… from it.  It isn’t pretty, but it’s honest thoughts about what you need to do before you go out on your own.

10 things to prepare if you want to be an entreprenuer

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2 thoughts on “Things to Prepare Before Being an Entreprenuer – My List”

  1. Adam, first of all, congratulations with your online success. I’ve stumbled across your blog from another website and I’ve learned a couple of things I didn’t learn anywhere else, which is great. I have my own fair share of issues in life, even though I do make a pretty good living out of earning money from affiliate marketing online. The infographic is great, but I find it hard to be able to encouragement from my friends when it comes to making more money online but i’d be more interesting in seeking out newbies on the internet who want to earn their first dollar from affiliate marketing than anything else.

    Anyway, the inforgraphic is good enough to share on pinterest so not to worry about that. Keep up the good work buddy! 😉

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