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I always forget how crazy Q4 is for everyone, especially Marketers.  There are tons of tradeshows, events and also getting your clients and sites prepped for Q4 sales.  With that I just realized I have three shows I’m speaking at in Las Vegas over the next few months and I have discounts, free passes, etc… for them to share with you.  They include Digital World Expo, Pubcon West and Affiliate Summit West (I’m not guaranteed to speak at Affiliate Summit until they select sessions for voting and if enough people vote for me and the board votes for my sessions and Missy and Shawn approve it.)  Anyways, below are the shows in order, the free passes giveaways, discounts for passes and reasons why you should go to each and who they are geared towards.

Digital World Expo – Win 1 of two free passes to Digital World Expo in Las Vegas.

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This will be my first time ever speaking at Digital World Expo.  It’s much smaller than the shows I am used to, but at the same time I love the set up of the sessions.  Instead of the speaker standing in front and giving a lecture or a panel discussing topics, each session is actually called a class and we are supposed to lead them like we are teaching a class.  They do want us to bring slides, which I hate, but it is kind of cool to do a session like a class.  Enter the Rafflecopter contest above to win one of two free passes to Digital World Expo and try to make it to my class if you are able to.  If you do win, I’ll contact you immediately after the contest is over because I have to submit your name, email, address, company name and title before the 14th.

PubCon Las Vegas 2012

Pubcon has become a show that I am obsessed with.  I meet tons of amazing people there and always learn new things about SEO and Social Media.  I also go there to meet with content sites and publishers and am able to get some of them to join my Affiliate Programs.  Many of them got burned by coupon poaching, adware theft, trademark bidders or just think that Affiliate Marketing doesn’t work (mainly because of those things), which is why I walk them through how my programs don’t allow this and don’t work with many of those types of Affiliates and that is one of the ways I gain new traffic sources for my clients.  If you want to go to Pubcon, I am on four or five panels there and would love to see you at my sessions.  You can also use Pubcon Coupon Code rc-5936820 to save 20% off your pass to Pubcon.  That is my Pubcon coupon for being a speaker so make sure you use it if you are going so I also get credit for the sale.

Affiliate Summit West 2012

Affiliate Summit is one of my favorite shows each year.  I go there to network with and meet new people, catch up with old friends and also to learn from some industry experts in SEO, Adware, etc…  The show is great for everyone from beginners to advanced marketers and you’ll learn everything from adware (good and bad), coupons, content sites, you’ll get good and bad advice and tons of opinions which make the advice good or bad depending on your own business ethics.  I also go to meet with other OPMs and Affiliate Management Companies to find out what clients they are working with and what is effective for them, which Affiliates have been causing problems for them and which networks are offering new tools, have new features, etc…  Here is a video that they shot during Affiliate Summit East 2012.  I’m using it in a Viewbix player as well.  I highly recommend Affiliate Summit and think that it is one of the best marketing shows you could go to.  I haven’t missed a show (except for London and Central because I was traveling) since 2006 I think and encourage you to attend as well.  Click here to buy your pass for Affiliate Summit West.

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