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So I was looking on one of my favorite forums to visit for Affiliate Marketing when I saw a new post by a friend of mine from numerous Affiliate Marketing forums.  Brad Waller from ePage (sorry for the link to your twitter page Brad, I don’t know your blog ur).  Anyways, when I was reading through the post he was talking about a new project he was working on that I think may be a part of ePage where you can build your own iPhone app for as little as $99.

Now, a couple years ago or maybe even a few years ago when iPhones were just coming out and cell phones were really finding their way into web-browsing to where you could actually look up information, I didn’t think that I would ever actually shop through my cell phone for things, however I definitely did think that there was a market out there for it.

Then all of the sudden last year when I was living in Chicago, it happened, my internet went down (gasp) and my mom was visiting and needed entertained.

My mom is a huge Musical Theatre buff and Chicago has a great Musical Theatre scene so I really wanted to take her for a nice dinner at Smith and Wollensky’s Steakhouse, right on the river and just above the Theatre District (you have to try the lollipop steak cajun styled there, it is one of the most amazing and wonderful steaks and consistently perfect), however since my internet was down I wasn;t able to 1.  Look up the restaurants phone number to make a reservation and 2. Book the tickets online so we could have good seats to go see Jersey Boys and then Spring Awakening.

Well, even though I never thought I would actually end up using my phone to shop on the internet, I did go ahead and look up Smith and Wollenskys, they really need an app for booking tables, and then after I called and ordered, I went to the Broadway in Chicago site which lead me to Ticketmaster where instead of calling in and buying tickets over the phone, I ended up actually seeing the seat selection etc… on my iPhone and gave a shot at booking my broadway tickets.

I have to say, it was extremely frustrating trying to shop on their site since they time you out if you don’t get through the checkout process fast enough, but on the third try I got through it, booked my tickets and my Mom and I were on our way to a nice matinee of Jersey Boys, then a great dinner at Smith and Wollensky’s Steakhouse then to front row tickets for Spring Awakening.

Although I did end up shopping on my iPhone for the tickets and also finding the phone number for Smith and Wollensky’s Chicago, it would have been much easier for me as a customer if they had an App and even possibly a WAP site for their customers.  iPhone apps are becoming less of a hype because of Facebook apps, but iPhone and mobile phone shopping has a huge market to grow into.  Google made a huge purchase and investment in a large mobile marketing company so the need for iPhone Apps is still a growing market.  Just ask Apple and the iTunes store.

When I saw Brad had a new Merchant account where you could build an iPhone app starting at just $99, I had to go check it out.  I haven’t used there service yet, but for $100, if you have a need for an app or an idea for an iPhone app, how could you resist?  I think they also actually submit your app to the iTunes store for you as well.

Anyways, if you need or want or have an idea for an iPhone app, click here and go build you own or find out how they can help build it for you for what seems like a very reasonable price.

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