Adam Riemer Marketing is Hiring a Marketing SEO/Affiliate Assistant-Coordinator in DC

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I apologize about the email that went out yesterday.  I had to pull the post real quick but this one will stay until I find the person.  If you are looking for Marketing Jobs in Washington DC, or a marketing job in DC where you can learn SEO, Affiliate Management, Being an Affiliate, Blogging, Conversion Rate optimization and a lot more, then make sure you apply to this one.  Please read the description below first and then follow the instructions on how to submit.  Also, if you know anyone who may be looking, please share this post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc…  I could use the help as Craigslist does not think Affiliate Management is a real job and will ban any advertiser that posts they have an Affiliate Management job.

I’m looking for someone who is looking for marketing jobs in Washington DC to work up to 20 hours as a 1099 not a full time employee to start helping me with link building, recruiting Affiliates and other online marketing tasks. If you already have the experience or learn fast, you’ll move to 40 hours very quickly.  I have a small marketing firm where we do PPC, Comparison Shopping Engines, Affiliate Management, SEO, sales funneling, site optimization, analytics, email marketing, media buying and a few other things for small and medium sized businesses.  We may start to take on large brands again if we can find the right people.

I want someone who wants to learn to be a Marketer and grow with the company. If you do not plan on staying for at least a few years, do not apply.  I have been running the firm for a few years and have a few 1099 contractors. The person currently in this role is leaving and you will be taking his place.  This person will work from my apartment until I can trust them and then they can work from home. If you are an amazing fit, but don’t live in DC, I don’t mind you working virtual but may ask that you come here for the first week or I may come to you for the first week and we work from there.  If you work out, then we can go 40 hours per week and eventually a full W2 employee.  There is also a very good chance you will get to come to some marketing tradeshows during the year with me which means travel. Full training will be given.

What I’m looking for:

Someone who is outgoing, organized and who can write fast and well. You should be able to write quality articles about any topic I give you and tie in keyword phrases. You’ll write about everything from drinks recipes and cooking to adult themed party ideas, weddings, working out, sports and marketing.  I need you to be able to work with little instruction and to be resourceful. You also need to fact check everything.  You should also be able to deal well with stress and function extremely well in a fast pace environment.  The first 6 or 7 months will be boring as you will start at the bottom, however it will get better and more fun/interesting after that time period.


  • Recruit Affiliates for clients
  • Help build/recruit backlinks
  • Write blog posts
  • Write articles
  • Work on SEO
  • Learn sales funneling on websites and help increase conversion rates
  • Get the President of the company lunch/coffee/supplies as requested.
  • And more duties as assigned.


  • Be smart
  • Be able to write fast, creatively and provide high quality work
  • Be ambitious and always positive
  • Have an awesome sense of humor
  • Be able to work in face paced and sometimes stressful environment
  • Know how to use Microsoft Office (especially excel)
  • Be able to learn very fast

Would be great if you:

  • Know how to use WordPress
  • Have an understanding of online marketing, specifically Affiliate Management, Blogging, SEO, SEM and Analytics
  • HTML and CSS
  • Have your own design software and can do design work

Please contact me through the contact us page and leave me a cover letter or a note about why you want this job and why you would be a good fit.  I will then respond to the email if I like the comment and will ask for two writing samples between 400 and 1,000 words, your resume and salary requirements. I love creativity so give it a shot and really show me what you can do.   This is one of the best opportunities to start at a company that will reward you for hard work and an amazing opportunity if you’re looking for Marketing Jobs in Washington DC where you can learn, grow, possibly travel and be able to advance.  Thank you again for reading and sharing this post.

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