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So I haven’t posted for a while here, but then again I think the How to Start a Coupon Site post was good enough to leave up for a while.  Things have been pretty crazy over here in both a good and a bad way.  One of my bigger Clients decided to go in house, they offered me the job but I declined, however we are working out a way to continue to work with each other still as this is a very good partnership and working out very well for both of us.  On another note I have at a minimum one new Client to announce a new Affiliate program for next week and a couple more Search and Email Clients about to sign on.  I also have a couple of other fun and exciting things to share with you all as well.  So I guess I’ll start with today since it is a huge day for me and my company.

1 year ago to this day I officially started with my first Client as 100% self employed.  Sure I have been consulting with companies for around a decade but this was my first time officially and finally on my own 100% with no in house work.  I can’t believe that I finally did it and this year has been an amazing experience.  Not only did I get to see many people for who they really are, both good and bad, but I also built and solidified many relationships and proved to myself that I can be 100% self sufficient and supportive and be able to run my own company.  It just took that one step out of my comfort zone with a paycheck to see if I could do it and I did.  So a big congrats to me.

Another thing that came as a surprise to me was people who read my blogs.  Not only did I get contacted by a couple of Online Marketing Legends and Celebrities, but in the last two weeks I’ve also been contacted by some of my favorite musical artists like Inaya Day and a couple of other celebrities in the music world.  It goes to show you to be very careful about what and where you publish things because you never know who is going to find it and read it.  Luckily for me it was all good feedback and even a couple of great speaking opportunities that I am going to take.

If you are in NYC or planning on attending Affiliate Summit, please stop by my panel at the “Ask the Experts” Roundtables.  I’ll be leading the one that is about Merchants and managing a program.  You can find out more about Affiliate Summit Here.   The other major conference that I’ll be speaking at is PubCon in Las Vegas.  It is put on by Webmaster World and is an awesome all around Search, Affiliate and Online Marketing show.  I highly recommend both of them….and not just because I am speaking lol.

On a final note, there have been a lot of companies that showed me their true colors, both good and bad this last year.  Although there are a ton I would like to thank and mention, for once I am not going to ramble so a couple that stand out and that if you ever want on any of my sites you need to work with (if you decide to not partner with me directly of course) are:

GTO Management – Karen, Joel and Wade.

Custom Tailored Marketing – Angel and Renee

GrowMap.com – Social Media and Backlink Services

Affiliate Advocacy – Melanie Seery and the leading and my trusted source for Affiliate Tax Law Information

Affiliate Fair Play – Kellie Stevens is the leading adware testing company and parasite buster in the world.

Tricia Meyer – Helping hand and lended ear extraordinaire.

Share a Sale – The best Affiliate Network on earth and the leading advocate of Affiliate Support and standards!

There are a ton more that I would like to mention but I have to get back to work.  Thank you everyone for supporting me and helping me launch my company this year.  It has been a very fun ride and I cannot wait to see how much more I can accomplish in this next coming year.

Thank you again,


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  1. Congratulations on over a year of working for yourself. There is nothing more rewarding and stressful all in the same. You have been a great resource for me in my learning of the affiliate world. Just wanted to thank you!


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