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Three years ago I was in Canada visiting a client, bored in my hotel room so I decided to start this blog.  I cannot believe three years has already gone by since I was on a plane twice a week every week for over a year, building a new client base working at actually becoming a real company.  I had started Adam Riemer Marketing before then, but I didn’t have a website and I didn’t have an actual marketing blog (even though I have had others for a long time).  Because there were no communities I felt at home in for marketing, or white hat Affiliate forums, I decided to start writing my own blog instead of giving communities I used to be a part of free content.

This blog was basically a personal blog and I was going to use it as a reference to remember posts and things I had thought of.  I had blocked all of the search engines from being able to crawl it for the first 50 posts and still haven’t ever actually optimized it.  I actually get little to no SEO traffic on this site and I actually don’t plan on optimizing it.

It gets around 1,000 uniques a day now and it is all from people linking here naturally, social media shares, referrals from other agencies, Marketers and all of you who read the stuff I write.  I’d like to thank you all for supporting this blog and for supporting my company.  I didn’t actually think this site would become my company’s site, but it sort of has so I need to begin actually branding it (I still never actually had a logo created, etc… lol).  I like the fact that I could start a site from new, build traffic and grow a small business all from being bored while visiting a client.  I also like supporting other small businesses and would like to mention a few that I hope you support as well.

LBMGifts.com.  This company contacted me through one of my other sites and asked if they could send me a custom made pillow.  I didn’t know what to expect and actually avoided their site.  When they called, we talked for about 5 minutes and every question was about who I was married to, when we met, etc…  The pillow was supposed to be for married couples, newly weds and anniversaries.  Unfortunately I am single, but I do have my cat which I adopted.  I mentioned that to them and when the pillow came, they designed it perfectly for an adopted cat pillow.  It features me, frost and the date I adopted him.  They also wrote a nice phrase on the top of it which made me smile.  The pillow came gift wrapped and they even included a bell for frost to play with.  The small details that they paid attention to and the creativity they took when creating the pillow made me realize why I enjoy their business and supporting small businesses.  They can customize things and make sure you get amazing service.  You don’t find that with many of the large companies anymore.

NationalAutismResources.com.  This year I got a call from someone who had seen me speak a couple of years ago at Affiliate Summit.  The person turned out to be a referral from another client and someone that I came to respect and enjoy working with instantly.  Her small business has been able to help and give back to a community in which she loves and dedicates her life to.  Everything that my client Bonnie does is for people with Autism and to help others.  Small business owners have tons of passion for their business and what I love about Bonnie’s company is that she will never lose that passion and will always make sure everyone in her company is as dedicated and good spirited as she is.

There are a ton of other things I’ve learned from creating this site and growing my company and I’d like to thank you all for reading this blog.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone who lives in the US and thank you as well to everyone else who doesn’t.  If there are any topics you’d like me to write about or hear more about, feel free to use the contact us page.  Thank you again for reading and have a great holiday.

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