Where I’m Speaking in 2016 & A FREE Pass Giveaway

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This has been an awesome year for traveling and tradeshows so far and it’s only the start.  If you’d like to hear me speak or learn what I do for a living, there are still a bunch of shows where you can find me as well as some other people (who are probably smarter).  Below you’ll find the confirmed ones that I can mention and also find a contest to win a pass to the Type A Parent conference in Santa Fe.

Everyone is able to enter (including competitors, agencies, brands, bloggers who are friends, etc…).  You are responsible for your own airfare, food and hotel in Santa Fe.  This is just for a conference pass.

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There are a few other shows but I don’t know if they’re opened to the public, private or invite only.   If I get other passes to giveaway for 2016 shows, I’ll post them here and share this post again.

BTW, this post is sponsored by me and some of the links are affiliate links.  I’ll earn a commission if you shop through them.

Performance Marketing Summit Chicago, May 15th:

Get ready to go into information overload.  This one day show from Affiliate Summit is a single track show where you’ll hear from people who make their living with a focus on performance marketing.  You’ll get real and actionable data as well as theory that you can take home and use to grow your business.  My session is all about how to monetize your business based on data and knowledge, not opinions and guesses.

Think Tank Chicago, May 16th – 17th:

Although I’m not speaking at Think Tank, I do have more openings for one on one meetings where we can go over SEO issues, monetization strategies or content plans for your company, website or blog.  This show may be closed out now and it is semi-private, so visit ShareASale and write through their contact form to find out more.

iDate LA, June 8th – 10th:

Save $75 on your pass by using my link.  The deal automatically applies.

This is my first time at one of the iDate shows.  It’s a show for people in the dating industry (mainly C level executives).  My panel is about SEO, affiliate marketing and UX in the mobile space.  I’m lucky to be speaking with Kenny Hyder, the UX team from Grindr and a company I’m meeting for the first time Rank KO.

iDate features a private affiliate party, tons of networking and some really cool mobile marketing topics.  I’ve already had companies reaching out to me so this should be awesome for networking.

Type A Parent Santa Fe, July 6th – 9th:

Save 25% with coupon code “ADAM”.  This is for brands, bloggers, agencies & everyone!

Type A Parent is one of the leading (if not the leading) show for bloggers.  You’ll learn from industry veterans, bloggers who make a living with their websites as well as meet with some of the top brands who know how much effort you put into your site.  My session is all about using data to make money and missed opportunities.

You’ll learn everything from the tools you can use to measure and scale your earnings as well as where you could be making money but aren’t.  You will discover common mistakes that are probably costing you revenue (even if you already make money) and how you could be making more.  I don’t normally share this much data so it’s one session that you do not want to miss.   They’ve given me a free pass to giveaway, so if you’re here before the contest is over, don’t forget to enter above.

win a pass to Type A Parent

Affiliate Summit East NYC, July 31 – August 2:

This is one of my favorite shows of the year.  It’s the best for networking to bring on new clients, learn the good, the bad and the grey hat area of performance marketing.  Whether you work in CPA, affiliate, email, adware or SEO, there is something here for you.  The trick with Affiliate Summit is that you get what you put into the show.

If you don’t make the effort to network and learn, you won’t get as much from the show.  If you go to sessions, network and show up to events, you may find it becoming one of your favorite shows as well.

My session is on Sunday and is a live SEO and monetization site clinic featuring myself, Scott Polk, Kenny Hyder and Roger Montti.  Come early, submit your site and let us know what you’re hoping to get from us.  It could be anything from why you got hit with a penalty in Google to wanting more traffic if your site has gone stagnant or even how to increase your revenue.  We could even focus on how to grow on what you have or even just trouble shoot issues you might not know about.

There are more shows that I can’t announce yet.  I’ll update this post with more details as we get closer to the dates.  Looking forward to meeting and seeing you at the shows!

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2 thoughts on “Where I’m Speaking in 2016 & A FREE Pass Giveaway”

  1. I’m a big fan of Type-A Parent conferences. I don’t yet have a ticket to Santa Fe, but this is probably the one that’s the best fit for me – since the content focus is exactly what I need. I’m that kind of blogger, who says, oh, I write to write, for me, for my readers, etc. and that content is king, but at the same time I find myself stuck in a rut more often than not. Probably the online class and product sessions are the ones I need the most. And I think I’ve rambled enough here – so thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Hi,

      I would love the win the free pass to Type A West I am planning on attending and am so excited to see what the conference has to offer. I created a blog last August and have enjoyed the process, I would love to take my blog to the next level, and when I saw that the conference was in Santa Fe, I was so excited. Santa Fe holds a special place in my heart as I lived there for 10 years (about 20 years ago) and I am always happy to return.

      What an amazing experience it would be to be in Santa Fe around so many other people who share my passion for blogging and I would love to learn from others. The conference and courses offered sounds exactly like what I am hoping to learn to help my blog expand and grow.
      Please consider me for the free pass. Sincerely, Angela Kent http://www.sustainablestylesolutions.com

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