Introducing the SmugMug Photography Affiliate Program

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smugmug photography affiliate program

I’m very excited to announce a brand new affiliate management client, SmugMug.  SmugMug is the leader in creating stunning photo websites for photographers and photo enthusiasts.  They provide ways to securely store and share their photos while being able to take their business online.  As a leading solution with an easy-to-use interface, SmugMug is a must join photography affiliate program for anyone with photography, family or consumer traffic.  (It is great for family photo websites and secure photo storage too!)

Whether you or your friends enjoy photography, or you have website visitors that could use a solution to store all of their digital photos, SmugMug is the best option for photography affiliate programs for you to choose from.

SmugMug offers its partners:

  • 15% commissions
  • Long life cookies
  • Protection from sites poaching sales via adware, trademark bidding, etc…
  • Dedicated affiliate management to support you
  • And more!

Who should join?

  • Photographers
  • Photography resources
  • Mommy, fashion and content bloggers
  • Photography schools and tutorials
  • Affiliates with website builder traffic
  • Reviews guides or tutorials about cameras or taking photographs
  • Anyone else with traffic, friends or that belongs to groups with people that want to store, share and sell their artwork online!

Click here to join one of the best photography affiliate programs, then read below to discover how to make money promoting SmugMug. 

How to Make Money With the SmugMug Photography Affiliate Programs

SmugMug offers it’s customers a unique way to take their art and create a business from it.   By working with this trusted brand, you can help people find a way to take their art online and create a business from it.  Below you’ll find a few strategies and article ideas to make money with the leading photography affiliate program.

  • Article ideas
  • Social media shares & strategies
  • PPC keywords
  • Newsletter ideas
photo website builder affiliate programs
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Article Ideas

There are a ton of articles you could write to make money with photography affiliate programs like this one.  You can also combine it with other affiliate programs for photographers like ones that rent lenses, sell camera bags and other complementary services.  The trick is being able to be unique and presell the companies to your audience.  Whether your site is about cameras and equipment or how to take a photo, there is always an easy tie in. especially for SmugMug.  Here are a few to help you get started.

For photographers and B2B:

  • 5 Ways to Make Money With Your Photography/Art
  • How to Take Your Photography Business Online
  • How to Create a Stunning Photography Website
  • 10 Website Templates Perfect for Photographers & Why
  • 10 Things to Know With Marketing Your Photography Website
  • 5 Marketing Tips & Tools Every Photographer Needs
  • 5 Ways to Help Increase Photo Sales With Your Website

B2C article ideas:

  • 3 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Career (with examples of how)
  • 6 Ways to Store and Share Family Memories
  • Buying a Camera?  Here’s How to Securely Store Your Photos
  • 6 Security Risks You Run With Storing Publicly Visible Family Photos
  • How to Create a Family Photo Website Without Knowing to Code
  • How to Create a Family Website & Raise Money for College – You can talk about how your readers can sell products with their photos and put the revenue away for their kids college or donate it to charity.
  • Too Many Family Photos? Here’s How to Store Them Securely

There are a ton of articles that can work with your site to help you earn commissions within the SmugMug affiliate program.  Get started now so you can start creating content and begin optimizing them to earn commissions.  Click Here to Join.

camera affiliate programs
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Social Media Shares

Social media works extremely well with SmugMug.  Not only do we have a ton of great creatives for you to use as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram images, but we can also help you to customize your posts to better target your audience.  We do need to ask that you always use an advertising disclosure before you use any affiliate link on any social media site.  We also need to ask that you do not create an account that pretends to be SmugMug, uses our trademarks as hashtags or posts to SmugMug owned properties and accounts.

Here are a few sample social shares and basic strategies that you can use to make money with the SmugMug and other photography affiliate programs:


  • Need a website for your #photography business, click here #ad (insert link)
  • Love photography? Make money with it using this service #ad (insert link)
  • Turn your hobby into money with stunning photo websites, click here #ad (insert link)
  • Turn your hobby into a career with this cool service #ad (insert link) #photography
  • Create stunning photo websites without having to code here #ad (insert link)


  • #ad Turn your photos into cash with this cool service (insert link)
  • Turn your hobby into your career by creating a stunning photo website.  Store, share and start selling your work in no time at all!  #ad (insert link)
  • Want a way to store and share your favorite photos?  Check out this service for easy-to-build photo websites #ad (insert link)


With Instagram you may want to create website screen shots and share them with your followers.  From here you can direct your followers to your own website where you talk about the benefits of each one and for which type of photography it will work best.  Then you can use your affiliate links to say “Create this site for your own photography business by clicking here” and use your affiliate link.


The trick with Pinterest is creating a page or blog post with one of the articles above, and then matching the topic or sections with a descriptive image that can stand out.  Once you’ve done this, create Pinboards about photography supplies, photography business tools and resources for photographers.  You can take it a step further and also break it down by niche.

You can use natural light, portrait, action, wildlife, nature, etc… to gain long tail search for your boards.  Once you have the boards created, pin your posts to it and give multiple image options and descriptions so that you have a better chance at one of them catching a Pinterest search or one of your followers’ attention so they either repin or click through to your post.

Social media is a great way to drive traffic and sales with photography affiliate programs.  The trick is attracting the right audience with the right message, getting them to share and more importantly pre-selling the benefits so that they click through and shop.  You can use the ideas above or you can contact me to help with a custom strategy, once you have joined the SmugMug photography affiliate program.  Click Here to Join.

photography affiliate program
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PPC Keywords

PPC can be tricky and you can lose money easily.  However, if you are good at it you can also earn a lot with photography affiliate programs like SmugMug.  The trick is to learn how to use modifiers and better target your keywords and ads, then drive the visitors to the right landing pages.

Here are a couple of examples of how to start building a long tail campaign off of a base keyword that can be relevant (if done right) for this program.   (Please remember we do not allow the use of our trademarks, extensions or any variation as keywords.)

Example 1:  website

  • website
  • photo website
  • photo website builder
  • easy photo website builder
  • easy to use photo website builder
  • cheap easy to use photo website builder
  • best easy to use photo website builder

Example 2:  template

  • template
  • website template
  • photography website template
  • website template for photographers
  • best website template for photographers
  • best website template for photographers with shopping cart
  • best website template for photographers to sell photos

A few things to remember are that photography is a large word which means a lot of misspellings.  Photo can be changed out for photography, website can be site and shopping cart can be ecommerce.

If you’re ok with potentially loosing money at first to find the right keyword and ad mixes, you may want to try using PPC as a way to make money with photography affiliate programs like SmugMug.   Click Here to Join.

photography affiliate programs
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Newsletter ideas

Newsletters are a great way to make money with photography affiliate programs.  If you can break up your database, you can send a few types of newsletters and monetize them differently.  Here are a couple of potential groups and ways to send a newsletter that is monetized with SmugMug.

Consumers and non-photographers:

  • How to store and share your family photos online – in this newsletter you can link to a few articles or create one specifically about the benefits of using SmugMug’s secure photo storage and website builder.
  • A cool new way to create a stunning family photo website – With this one you can walk the user through the benefits of using SmugMug to create a photo website for their family.  It can include things like:
    • Letting everyone in their family upload from wherever they are
    • Creating memories that they can all access any time they want too and privately
    • Helping everyone keep in contact and hosting contests for the coolest family vacation photos where the winner gets to pick next year’s trip
    • Storing holiday family photos for everyone to enjoy

Photographers and photography classes/tutorials:

  • A direct sales email with a special offer or the benefits of using SmugMug for their classes and their students
  • An informative email about secure storage and what options are out there.  SmugMug can be an easy tie in.
  • Using a banner or text links within the email in the header, footer or middle to help break up the copy

Newsletters are a great way to drive a burst of sales.  We are always happy to help you with copy and content that we can tie SmugMug into.

If you’d like to try making money with the SmugMug photography affiliate program, click here to join.  You can also read this post with 10 ways to monetize your newsletters.

Thank you again for reading and we look forward to having you in the SmugMug affiliate program.  If you need any help signing up or have any questions, please click here to contact us.  We look forward to having you as a partner in the SmugMug photography affiliate program!

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