Frost as Mrs. Claws – Yup, We Did It Again This Year – Please Read

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frost as mrs. claws

If you’ve been following my blog then you know each year before Christmas I buy a few hundred dog and cat toys, treats, etc… and go to the DC Humane society.  I go and volunteer because it not only makes me feel good, but the animals need the extra love and care.  They also have a very good chance at getting adopted during the holidays and happy dogs and cats have a better chance.

I met Frost “Mrs. Claws” at one of their adoptions and found a new best friend.   Frost is one of the things that makes me happy to be alive, helps me to stay calm and happy and is one of the reasons I am able to remain calm and run a business.   Below you’ll find a few videos of some of the amazing animals that could use your love and attention (and donations)…but that isn’t the point of this post.

The point of this post is that if you haven’t done at least one good thing or something for someone else each month, or even this year, you have one week left to make 2014 matter for someone but yourself.  I’m not talking about something that someone asked you to do, something you took time out of your day for, something you did but weren’t asked or something that was unexpected and made someone or something know people still care.

If you didn’t do a 5K to support a charity, help a disabled person get something off the shelf at a store if you saw them struggling or even smile to an elderly person who looks alone or abandoned and then listen and to them talk, it’s not too late.

Below are some videos of best friends you can take home from the DC Humane Society as well as a few ideas and things that you can still do this year to make a difference for someone else in this world. You can whine and complain all you want about the world not being fair on Facebook or Twitter, but that does nothing except try to get yourself attention.  Here are 10 things you can do to make this world a better place.

Charitable Things You Can Still Do in 2014

  1. Go to the animal rescue league and clean a cage, pet an animal or even donate money to your local shelter.  You can donate to the DC Washington Humane Society and animal shelter here.
  2. Donate to my Avon walk to help fight breast cancer.  I just joined the team again and the money goes to an awesome cause.  Click here to donate.
  3. Go to a nursing home and read a book, play board games or just talk to one of the residents without a family during the holidays.
  4. Go to a soup kitchen and help feed the homeless.  Smile, be friendly and show them people do care.
  5. Pick up a wish gift for an orphan or foster child and then purchase it at Target or another store and make sure that an underprivileged kid gets a home.
  6. Go to a local park and spend an hour picking up garbage.
  7. Find a small local non profit that does something good for the world with measurable results (feeds hungry people, fights a disease, treats people for free, etc…) and offer a few hours of marketing to help them grow and scale.
  8. Call some of the people you haven’t spoken with in about a year and tell them you care, wish them a happy holiday and let them know you care.  This is a huge one that really makes a huge difference.
  9. We all have that annoying, loud obnoxious friend…call them and invite them to lunch or dinner.  Even though you only like to see them sometimes, they may need a friend right now and that invite can mean a lot.
  10. If you’re at a bar, club or something social, go out of your way to include the person standing by themself and include them in your conversation or talk to them.  We’ve all been there and too scared to talk to anyone.  Go and make them feel welcome and show them a good time.

Now for the videos from the DC Humane Society. Thank you everyone who donated to the DC humane society last year (and this year), to my avon walk (I’m starting fundraising today so please donate and help me reach my goal) or went out and did something for someone else this year. Please leave a comment below with what you did and encourage someone else to do something for someone else by sharing this post.

The dogs once we gave out treats.

Now for some of the rescue cats at the DC humane society, then we’ll go back to a few more rescue dog videos since many of the cats were out at adoption events yesterday.

Ok, more rescue dogs from the DC Humane Society.

If you enjoyed this post, please remember to leave a comment and share it with your friends.  Thank you again for reading and have a great holiday!  (BTW, we didn’t make Frost wear the costume for too long since he hated it, and we did give him plenty of treats, toys and attention for putting up with it.)

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