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I’m very excited to announce one of the newest clients of Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. is the leading resource for people and parents that are looking for free information, learning and teaching aids, tools to assist with concentration and classroom behavior as well as gifts and toys for kids, teenagers and grown ups on the Autism Spectrum.  The founder Bonnie Arnwine has been involved in the Autism community for more than 12 years and is a public speaker at numerous events around the United States.  What makes her shop unique is that she hand selects every single product, toy, learning and teaching aid as well as every educational video and gift by hand.   Click here to become part of the National Autism Resources affiliate program.

Bonnie attends professional conferences, school supply expos and toy shows around the country and tests each product individually.  In 2013 she will begin to manufacture her own line of autism products to sell exclusively through her store.  Her prices are lower than most because many helpful products are extremely affordable.   National Autism Resources is dedicated to educating parents who have autistic children because they have found that many parents instantly react to an autism diagnosis by spending their savings on products and services their child doesn’t need.  Autism is often a life long disability and parents need to be cautious with spending so that they can meet their child’s needs at each developmental mile stone.  National Autism Resources is dedicated to building relationships with each customer by providing great advice and high quality, affordable products as each child grows.
By providing resources for free as well as having amazing products that actually help like weighted vests, picture schedules, swings, social skills games, chewlry and more, her customers consistently come back and are always referring new people.  One other thing that makes this store unique is that if a product gets bad reviews or isn’t working like it is supposed to for the kids, she removes it from the shop and will not sell it again.  This helps increase the quality, reputation and overall satisfaction of her customers.  Her affiliate program which is being managed by Adam Riemer Marketing is committed to providing you with that same excellent service.  (I’d also like to mention that the banners below were mostly designed and the concept created by her 17 year old son with Autism!)

Join the affiliate program on Share a Sale by clicking here:

The National Autism Resources affiliate program offers:

  • 8% Affiliate base commissions
  • 90 day cookies
  • Parasite resistance (we will not work with any adware or toolbar regardless if it is active or not!)
  • Custom banners and creatives (let us know what you need and we’ll get it for you)
  • And more!

We would like to welcome people with content websites (coupon sites will only be permitted if they add no index tags to pages dedicated to National Autism Resources and they do not keyword stuff to rank for trademarks.) about:

  • Autism/Aspergers
  • Fragile X
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Mental Illness or Disorders
  • Educational Products
  • Toys and Gifts
  • Have traffic that gets:
    • Therapists
    • Educators
    • Nannies
    • Social Workers
    • Schools
    • Camps/After School Programs/Day Care Centers
  • Comparison Shopping Engines
  • Organizations and Non-profits
  • And other sites with related traffic

There are a ton of ways that you can use and promote the National Autism Resources affiliate program.  We have a full datafeed for you, product widgets in many categories, videos that you can place on your site describing the toys and products as well as partnerships with numerous tools to help you succeed.

If there is anything you need for the National Autism Resources program on Share a Sale, please let me know by leaving a comment here (all comments are moderated so your site and name will remain confidential), through skype at adam-riemer or by emailing me through the contact us page.  This is definitely an awesome program because of the free resources and huge variety of tested tools, toys and learning aids and we are very excited to have the opportunity to work with you!

Here are a few examples of the banners which were mostly designed by Bonnie’s amazing son who is only 17 and has Autism.  Thank you again and we are looking forward to partnering with you!

national autism resources

national autism resources



free autism resources
free autism resources
Autism Affiliate Programs
Autism Affiliate Programs
National Autism Resources Affiliate Program
National Autism Resources Affiliate Program


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3 thoughts on “Join the National Autism Resources affiliate program on SAS”

  1. This seems to be great cause and a great company,. I think I could sign up as a volunteer. I just need to ask – are there more details to join?

    1. Hi Scooter,

      All you need to do is click on the link to join or log into Share a Sale and search under find merchants for Then you just need to apply and I can approve you into the program. Thank you for your interest and we’re looking forward to having you as a partner.



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