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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of potential programs in the works but also didn’t want to hold off and miss an opportunity to help you all with custom strategies for my current programs at Affiliate Summit.  If you would like to meet there to discuss how to promote or how to help increase sales with any of these programs; how I can help you manage your programs or get it back on track, remove parasites and adware companies, if you would like me to join one of your programs, or you would like to meet about any of my other services, please email me at adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me or leave a comment below.

Here are the programs I will be representing at Affiliate Summit East. – Share a Sale and Bridaluxe.

  • 12% commissions
  • 60 day cookies
  • 10,000+ products
  • full datafeed

We carry everything from engravable gifts to sports teams gifts, a full smoke shoppe, home decor, picnic baskets, gift baskets and a lot more.  We also have many designer and name brand gift items always on discount.

Join Executive Gift Shoppe’s Affiliate program here.

Internet Direct Response (4IDR) – Share a Sale

  • 25% commissions
  • 30 day cookies
  • Many exclusive offers
  • Coupons available
  • Heavy TV, Radio and Print advertising
  • Video available

Internet Direct Response specializes in creating high converting websites for full ticket As Seen On TV, Heard on the Radio and Seen in Print Nutricueticals.  Join the Internet Direct Response Affiliate Program here.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm – Share a Sale

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has been around for over 40 years and has appeared on Oprah and many other well known venues.  Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm sells worms, indoor and outdoor composters, books, tomato seeds and much more.

  • 7% commissions
  • 30 day cookies
  • A full Datafeed

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is perfect for Article Marketing, Green Sites, Gardening Sites, Fishing Sites, Eco Friendly Sites, Composting Sites and more.  Join the Uncle Jim’s Affiliate Program here.

Thank you all again for promoting my Clients and I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.  If you are not going to Summit but still want to talk or work on custom strategies, please also feel free to write me or leave a message below.



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4 thoughts on “Meet me at Affiliate Summit”

    1. LOL, thanks Brian. Maybe I’ll have to open a can of worms on you…and btw, we actually sell literal cans of worms for fishing sites and jokes. lol.

    1. Hehehe, I don’t think I want to carry around a bunch of worms either. Then again the composters and everything do come in handy if you want to be eco-friendly or if you garden. He actually has a ton of cool stuff and also tomato seeds and books. The program is doing great right now and I have another one or two to add to my Client list before the show.

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