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Do you have a fitness blog?  Maybe you’re part of a crossfit, yoga or pilates Facebook group.  The ProSource affiliate program is the perfect fit for you.  With high quality gear at amazing prices, you’re going to love promoting and making money with this one.

The program is designed specifically for content and top of the funnel partners like yourself.  We welcome bloggers, YouTubers, trainers, coaches, physical therapists, models and anyone else with relevant traffic.  You’ll be able to earn up to 10% commissions,  you get 60 day tracking cookies and the program DOES NOT work with affiliate sites showing up for coupons (or other variations) so you get to keep your commissions instead of having them poached at the last minute.

To get started, click here.  If you want some ideas on how to promote ProSource, here are a few strategies:

  • Content Ideas
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter & Facebook Sample Shares
  • Pinterest Board Ideas
  • Sample Newsletter

ProSource fitness affiliate program

Strategies to Make Money With Fitness Affiliate Programs

Content Ideas

Tying ProSource into your content is easy.  It could be incorporating links into posts about picking a yoga mat or even what the difference is kettle bells and why the weight matters.  Maybe you’re giving options on specific types of workouts that you can do during the work day or options for upping your cardio or for better toning at the gym.  All of these give you opportunities to make money.

Below you’ll find a few ideas to get you started that can also be interchanged with specific products, weights or even types of exercises.

  • Which One Should I Choose 1/2″ Yoga Mat or 3/16″?
  • How to Know What Strength Resistance Bands I Need?
  • 10 Exercises I Can Do In My Office
  • 8 Fitness Brands You Never Heard Of (But Will Love)
  • How to Set Up Your Own Cross Training Gym at Home
  • 10 Ways to Use Foam Rollers
    • after working out
    • before working out
    • for stretching
    • to relax or massage

The amount of content ideas is almost unlimited with the product lines you’ll find at ProSource.  YouTubers also have a huge opportunity by letting their viewers know they can shop for the same type of products they use in the video by going to the description below their video.

When you become a partner, I’m always happy to help you create a custom content strategy.  We can also go through your other content and work on monetizing it in an organic and non in-your-face way.  Ready to get started, click here.

Facebook Advertising

Making money with Facebook ads is not as tricky as you might think.  Once you find a merchant that has a great mobile experience or a solid conversion funnel, you just need to find and match them to the right audience.  Luckily, matching ProSource to fitness enthusiasts is easy on this platform.

Here is how you can get started creating audiences of targeted fitness enthusiasts using Facebook ads.

  1. Start by selecting to send people off of Facebook under “consideration” in the center column and then name the campaign for the merchant “ProSource” and whatever the theme of the audience is.
    making money with fitness facebook
  2. Now select the type of person in the specific location.  I would choose “people who live in this location” because you want to get them in their home city or where they’d be shipping to.

    Next pick the city, state, county, country, etc… you’d like to target.  One interesting thing is targeting people in rural/country areas vs. major cities.  If they’re in a rural area, they may not have access to yoga gear and might have to shop online.  This could be a huge opportunity, even if there isn’t a high volume of targets.

    After you can select age and gender (think if you’ll be using male or female and seniors vs. college students in the images of your ads and copy.  This way you can show a relevant person to the relevant target age and gender).

    Now pick the language (US English, Spanish, etc…) that is most relevant and that is used on the website.targeting yoga enthusiasts on facebook

  3. This is where you can really target people.  Under detailed targeting, think about who needs or would be interested in the specific type of gear.  Since we’re focusing on Yoga for this example, I’ve added a few potentially relevant fields for people who like Yoga.

    You can also block people (I chose for yoga instructors for this) by using the “people to exclude options”.  Facebook also has a fitness section you can select from under “suggestions” if you want more ideas.creating a yoga audience on Facebook
    4.  Placements helps you really focus your ads to your target and exclude people who are unlikely to convert.  I always edit placements when building campaigns for clients.

    The first thing I do is remove the audience network.  Next I split out Instagram into it’s own ad campaign so we can see how it performs against Facebook.  After I talk to the websites and ask which versions of phones, tablets and which sizes convert the best or that they don’t support.  Facebook ads gives you the option to either block or only target these using the exclude and targeting options at the bottom of this section.targeting by device and network=

The rest is pretty self explanatory.  You set your budgets, how long you’d like the ads to run for, when you want them to run and then you pick the images that will speak the best to your target audience.  From there its watching, testing and optimizing your campaigns to bring in a positive ROI and then expanding on it.

Just like when you do PPC marketing, you have to go in expecting to lose money.  It takes time, practice, effort and failures to find audiences that work and fine tune your skills.  You may find them quickly and you may never find them at all.  As long as you go in knowing that, it may be worth giving Facebook ads a shot.

Twitter & Facebook Sample Shares

Whether you belong to a fitness group in Facebook or have a following who loves to watch you share a new Yoga pose in a Twitter photo, these platforms give you a perfect opportunity to make money with the ProSource affiliate program.  Below you’ll find a few sample shares you can use on social media sites.  We need to ask that you remember to always use an advertising disclosure.

  • Need a new #yoga mat? Check out the deal on these ones!  #ad (insert your link here)
  • #Crossfit gym closed? Never miss a workout. Click here for all your gear needs. #ad (insert your link here)
  • Looking for a great deal on foam rollers? Try this brand out #ad (insert your link here)
  • Hey, check out the price on these resistance bands. #love #fitness #ad (insert your link here)
  • Ready to keep your new years resolution? Buy your #fitness gear here & save #ad (insert your link here)
  • Check out this new brand of training gear I found. #ad (insert your link here)

Pinterest Board Ideas

Pinterest is all about inspiring someone, being creative and motivating people.  That’s why its not only important to have captivating imagery that makes someone want to interact with it, but you also need a description that will make them want to click through to your site or your affiliate link.  When you become a ProSource partner, you’ll find professional action shots for the majority of products with the program.  We’re also happy to help you come up with pinboard themes to use as starting points.

Here are a few that may work for you.

  • Yoga Pose For The Day
  • Cardio Routine of the Week
  • Fitness Goals
  • Get In Shape
  • A Healthier Happier Me
  • Crossfit Gear & Workouts
  • Motivation & Inspiration

If you’re looking for ideas on what to put into the description field, in addition to your advertising disclosure, we can help with that too.

If it’s a Yoga Mat, talk about the great deal you found on the mat in the image.  If it’s an action shot of gymnastic rings, add in a motivational description about exercises and goals using them.  The thing you may want to try to convey to the person who finds your pin is that if they click through the pin (to your blog or to ProSource), they’ll discover ways to get fit and find quality fitness products at incredible prices or information on how to achieve the result you describe in the pin.

Sample Newsletter

If you have a newsletter list, ProSource could be perfect for it.  When you become a partner you’ll gain access to our 600×900 banners to plug and play into your template and we’re always happy to come up with custom themes for your list like New Years Resolution, getting fit for Summer or by type of workout (Pilates, toning, etc…).

If you’d like to try a text email instead of a large image, here is a sample option that you can use.  Just remember to include your affiliate links throughout the newsletter.  Please make sure to add an advertising disclosure to the top of your template before you send.  You can also use this guide to create deep links inside shareasale.

Hi First Name,

One of the most common things we set try to achieve, but don’t always follow through with is getting in shape.  It could be weight loss or running our first 5K race, or even just to feel healthier.  I recently found a new brand of fitness gear which provides high quality gear at amazing prices and wanted to share it with you.  

ProSource carries everything from yoga and pilates mats to kettlebells.  They have a great selection foam rollers, dumbbells and pretty much anything else you need to help reach your goal.  They produce everything themselves so there is no middle man adding a markup on their lines which is one of the reasons you get their gear at an incredible price.  Whether you’re brand new to fitness or are an established athlete looking to up your game, this brand is one to check out.  

Click here to visit their homepage or click here to see what they currently have on sale.  There’s never been a better time to hit that next goal and become a healthier and happier you.  

Insert your closing and signature here

If you’re ready to join the ProSource program, click here to get started.  If you have any questions, use the contact form on this blog, leave a comment below with the words “do not publish” or write me through the network and I’ll be happy to help.

*Image provided by ProSource.

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