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I am very excited to welcome and officially announce that Adam Riemer Marketing is now managing the Pajamas and Sleepwear Affiliate program.  CrazyforBargains has been a leading retailer of pajamas for the entire family.  We carry everything from footed and flannel styles for everyone to matching family styled pajamas for Babies & Toddlers to Kids, Teens, Men and Women.  You can find novelty boxers, holiday sleepwear and underwear, as well as hundreds of styles of fun slippers including almost any animal or popular cartoon character you can think of.  So why am I saying this established program is a brand new one?  Simple, we made a ton of changes for the better and it is now ready for content sites and value adding partners to succeed even further.

  1. Program details (and a new announcement with a unique category)
  2. How we cleaned it and made it better
  3. New creatives and ways to promote us and make money

1.  Program details.

The CrazyforBargains pajamas Affiliate program is exclusively on share a sale and features thousands of styles of sleepwear for the entire family.  Our program is probably the only ones out that there as of right now that does not work with adware, allow coupon poaching from the shopping cart, trademark bidding or other things that can potentially eat your commissions.  That is just one of the reasons to begin changing over links from other programs or reactivating old dead links or broken posts.

Crazy for Bargains offers:

  • 12% commissions (higher based on long time performance)
  • 365 day cookies
  • Adware resistance
  • Auto deposit
  • Guidelines that are enforced to protect content sites and non trademark PPC partners
  • Tons of updated widgets and themes
  • Custom creatives
  • And More!

One other huge announcement we would like to make is that we now have an Autism Friendly Pajamas section of the website.  After looking through a ton of stores, I had a hard time finding large pajama retailers that created sections dedicated to being friendly for people on the Autism Spectrum.  Because I also manage and work with a large Autism client, we decided to be one of (if not the) first pajamas sites to specifically cater to this group where there is a very high demand and almost no one supplying these types of products.

This is a huge opportunity for everyone, especially with National Autism Awareness Month in April and National Autism Awareness Day coming up.  These pajamas are in demand and there really aren’t any other large pajama stores with an entire section of pajamas that can be Autism Friendly (from what I was able to find).  We also have custom widgets built for Autism Pajamas and are happy to create new ones specifically for you in any size or color that you need.  Just contact me through the contact form or interface and I’ll build one just for you.  I have two examples of these Autism Pajamas widgets below.

2.  How we cleaned it and made it better.

For the last couple of months we have been removing adware Affiliates (whether the adware was active or not), coupon sites that were only poaching sales by ranking for trademarks + urls as well as removing all forms of trademark bidding.  In this time we also began introducing new widgets, adding in products and fixing broken links that were missing or inactive in some of the old widgets.  Other things we have begun doing are creating unique and niche banners for you all and adding calls to actions to the banners that were missing them.  Along with those improvements and fixes, we have been doing even more to make this a better program and website for your referrals.

As I mentioned above we have added in something missing that is very high in demand, Autism Friendly Pajamas.  Another thing we are doing is working on sales funnels and removing dead obstacles that hurt conversions.  By doing this, some of our Affiliates have noticed slow but climbing conversion rates for the same traffic they have always had.  Not only are they making more money, but other Affiliates have begun to see their very first sales come through.  Besides the widgets we fixed and niche ones we built in standard banner sizes, you will have a huge selection of relevant banners that are targeted for your audience.  If you would like a specific type or style, just let me know and we’ll make it for you.

For the first time in a long time, we have also began to add in actual coupons, coupon codes and special deals to the deals database and to our value adding partners.  These coupons are great for holiday newsletters, gift guides and other sites that have active members and current readership.  If you would like a custom code, send me an email through the contact form here or through the Share a Sale interface.  We are happy to make them for you and even help create a strategy to use them to help drive sales.  We do have a few restrictions on coupons though which we can go over when we talk.

The last thing we did was to start writing copy and posts for our partners that can prove they can drive sales.  We’re also giving free mini SEO site audits and recommendations on how you can make more money within this program.  This has helped numerous partners begin pulling out of Panda and Penguin as well as find places on their sites where they are wasting valuable ad space with dead banners or irrelevant products and replacing them with product links and banners that can help them to making money.  Although we cannot do everyone at once, this is opened to active, long term partners who are in good standing and have relevant sites and not just banner farms, blank sites or cookie cutter designs.  If you would like one, join our program and if you stay with us for a long time, we’ll set aside some time to do an audit and help you make money with this program (There are a few restrictions that apply and I will go over with you before we start).

3.  New Creatives and ways to promote us to make money.

I’ve already talked about some of the new creatives available in the program, so now I want to share a few with you.  Here are some new widgets you can use in the upcoming months to monetize your sites and posts.  I also have a bulleted list of holidays and products that sell like crazy.  To monetize this or help make money, you can start writing about them now and have the pages indexed in time to rank and hopefully make money (If you write well enough for your users and for SEO as well as build a few backlinks) for the holidays they are designed for.

Times of the year and article or product ideas:

  • Spring holidays:
    • St. Patrick’s Day – This is huge for the boxers and pajamas bottoms that will be live on the site within the next few days.  As they go live we will add more widgets and you can pull them from the datafeed.  The perfect targets are college students, high school students, Irish people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Dads and Moms.
    • National Autism Awareness Month – As far as I can tell, no other pajama affiliate programs or large pajamas website are offering a dedicated section to having Autism Friendly Pajamas.  There is almost no competition in the search engines for these terms and the long tail for them.  By writing about our selection of Autism Friendly Pajamas, you can easily help to take over this niche and earn money year round for parents that are desperately looking for this type of product with no solution.  It is a huge value add to your readers and can keep them coming back because you are providing something they are looking for and that nobody (until now) had a solution for.
  • Summer:
    • Summer camp – Robes and multifunctional or mix and match pajama styles are huge for this.  We carry a huge selection of kids robes and parents are always looking for them since even the large department stores don’t always stock a huge selection in the Summer.  This is a great way to provide a resource for something in demand for camp, sleepovers and group trips.
    • Sleep over parties – These are very common in the summer and having trendy pajamas for your kids or even comfy footed pajamas can help them stand out and be the popular kid at the party.  The nice thing is that our prices are very competitive and we usually have a huge clearance section.  We are also happy to provide you with coupon codes that you can offer to help close the sale.
    • Back to school – The kids might not like it, but when fall comes, slippers start coming back into season and so do the older kids sleepovers.  Footed pajamas for teens, college students and novelty boxers for college students are huge at this time.  You can make a quick storefront using the Make a Page tool or even just pull product links that you think will sell.  Even if your post is about regular back to school (for kids, high school or college) these boxers and cool or trendy pajamas tend to sell very well with this type of content.
  • Fall and early winter:
    • Christmas means matching sets of Christmas pajamas for the family.  This is an easy sell that almost anyone with a solid readership of parents can make money with.  The AOV is also nice since people are buying pairs for the entire family and then see the gifts we have as well and add them to their shopping cart.
    • Slippers are huge here and you can use one of our widgets that features men’s, women’s, kids or our animal slippers broken out by animals or style.  We can even create specific ones for your site and what your readers are looking for including cartoons, heroes, disney and more.
    • Footed Pajamas – Even though we carry footed pajamas year round, footed pajamas are a huge seller in the late fall and early winter.  They can be an impulse buy if you choose to promote the ones with a butt flap and can be an easy sell if you feature how warm and cozy they look and can feel.

I am very excited to present the new pajamas Affiliate Program and invite all of you to join by clicking here.  If you need anything for the program or have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us through the interface or by writing me through the contact us form on this blog.  Let me know what I can do to help and we are excited to have you all as partners in the best pajamas Affiliate Program around.

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