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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to welcome you to the Adam Riemer Marketing Blog at AdamRiemer.me.  I’ll cover everything from Online Marketing including Search, Shopping, eCommerce, Sales Funneling, Media Buying, AdWare, Affiliate Marketing and how to combine these with your traditional marketing campaigns as well.  You’ll get a first hand experience about what it is like to work with and deal with Clients, both the good and bad sides of it.  How to select Marketing firms to work on your campaigns and pretty much everything in between.

For the past 10 years or so I have been helping everything from NonProfits and Mom and Pop Shops to Fortune 500 companies not only revamp their Marketing and increase Sales, but also help them prevent theft from Affiliates, Competitors, find better firms to work with that protect their interests and not the firms interest and how to help not only bring your company online, but also help to improve your offline marketing and how to combine it with the online channels.

Anyways, I hope you come back to visit the Adam Riemer Marketing blog often and let me know what you think.


Adam Riemer

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