3 unique ways to make money online with 3 of my clients

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I haven’t done a client post in a while and have two new ones to share with you in the next couple of weeks. Because of this I wanted to share 3 unique things I found with 3 of my current clients that can help you make money online this month.  After digging through their products and looking at the holidays coming up, I instantly generated a ton of new ways that you could be able to make money right now by working with my clients. Here are 3 of them with the links to sign up for their Affiliate Programs. You’ll also find a few ways to be able to take over a niche that has little to no competition, incorporate them into your current efforts and help your current readers find a trusted source for in demand products with little to no competition.

GiftBasketsOverseas.com – Click here to join their program.

This was a random thing I thought of, Gluten free gift baskets.  The demand for Gluten free foods and gifts are growing rapidly.  You can tell because restaurants are adding gluten free foods to their menus and advertising that they serve them.  You see Gluten Free plastered on certain brands at the grocery store and you hear more and more about the need for gluten free diets on different large news outlets.  When I looked through my client’s datafeed for gifts and gift baskets, I actually found that he carries Gluten Free Gift Baskets with delicious looking Gluten free gifts like snack foods and more.  This could be huge for cooking sites, recipe sites, gift sites, health or healthy living sites and even for general sites that are looking for something unique to add to their gift guides.   I’ve also created the widget below featuring three of our Gluten Free gift baskets inside the network so you can copy and paste it directly into your site.  If you would like a different size or color, let me know.

National Autism Resources – Click here to join their program.

April is National Autism Awareness Month and that is huge.  New studies and new guidelines are starting to show that the number of kids being diagnosed with Autism is actually greater than 1 in 70 and is now closer to 1 in 50.  This is a huge issue with the increase in people being diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Disorders.  Parents, friends and family members of people on the Autism Spectrum are looking for help and finding out that not every store or site actually has their best interest in mind.  The demand is growing heavily for quality affordable stores, resources and products and the search volume and long tail is huge with little to no competition.

One of the things that my client always lives by is to make every dollar count.  The goal of this store isn’t to get every penny out of the people looking to help their family members, but instead to help them plan and be able to afford what they will need for the future by not overreacting and going overboard with their spending.  By promoting us during National Autism Awareness Month,  your readers can have a trusted resource that will help educate them about not spending everything now and saving money for things like therapists for when the kids get older.  Even if you don’t have an Autism related site, chances are your readers are related to or know someone on the Autism Spectrum.  By doing a post, placing a banner or widget, or even sending a newsletter out about Autism Awareness Month and promoting National Autism Resources, it is a great way to help your audience find a trustworthy source for information, products, gifts, educational materials and other things that people of all ages on the Autism Spectrum will need.

CrazyforBargains.com – Click here to join their program.

This is an old and established program that we cleaned up and helped to fix.  One thing we did notice when going through the site, and on the search engines, are tons of people looking for pajamas that are friendly for people who have Autism and Sensory disorders.  With the help of a few experts and also a ton of parents who call in talking about what works and what doesn’t, we created the first Autism Friendly Pajamas section of our website.  I did a ton of searching and couldn’t find any other sites or resources out there to help people of all ages looking for Autism and Sensory Disorder Friendly pajamas for babies, toddlers, kids and teens.  By doing a lot of research, talking to parents and contacting an expert on Autism and Sensory Disorders,  we are now what I believe is the first actual solution for this in demand market.  This could be a great tie in with National Autism Awareness Month or even a dedicated blog post for your readers.   There is a huge demand out there and nobody filling the need.  Now is the perfect time to buy a url, try PPC or even just start adding new categories or our widgets to your sites to help parents, friends and family members find these styles of pajamas that they are looking for, but have no trusted resource to supply them with.

People ask how I come up with new ideas for sites and how I have time to manage them all.  The trick is to find the merchants you like to work with and do well with.  Now look through their websites, datafeeds and then search Google for what shows up with related terms.  After that you need to find a good url or domain name and do your keyword research to find the terms to work on optimizing for.  Once your sites start to rank, if you build them well, you can set some of them on autopilot and not have to update them every day.  That is how I can manage everything.  I go after the niches that don’t have a ton of competition as demand is growing and take over.  Even if my sites fall in rankings, they still almost always have their long tail and getting the rankings back isn’t usually to hard to do.  There is still a ton of room online to make money and these are only three of the ways that you can do it.

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4 thoughts on “3 unique ways to make money online with 3 of my clients”

  1. Thanks for the mention of the gluten free items at Gift Baskets. My GF lover will get some ideas for that. In fact, I just had one. Oh my gosh, this is fun!

    Your final sentence of this post is a true inspiration, Adam. Especially, for someone who’s been working in the industry for a number of years. – I am perpetually impressed with your output.

  2. Am keeping tabs on your awesome tips, Adam. Keep them coming, I am listening and reading buddy. The niches above are VERY interesting and not the usual suspects if you will. I think I might even be able to incorporate one of the three on one of my blog sites.

    Awesome tips, Adam. Thanks again for sharing.

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