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Hi Everyone.  Right now I’m uploading some videos to the 4IDR Affiliate Program on Share a Sale for our Affiliate partners to use.  Not only am I a huge believer in combining video into your Marketing (It allows you to speak to your customers and visitors without being able to talk to them in person, as well as show the product or service being used which is something that is hard to prove or show as effectively with words) but thanks to Share a Sale and companies like 4IDR, getting quality promotional video for your sites has never been easier.   I just uploaded this testimonials video for the Electro Cigarette offer available through their Affiliate program.

Talking about the benefits of an electronic cigarette with written testimonials and a person’s picture is one thing, but imagine the impact you can have on the shopper when they come across your site looking for referrals on electronic cigarettes and instead of seeing written testimonials and reviews they see this video instead.  I personally think that this video will have a much larger impact than just written testimonials with a person’s picture and if you combine the two together (written and video testimonials) you may have a serious winning post and high click through to converting page since you really put some effort into preselling the products.

This video is currently available via the 4IDR Affiliate program on Share a Sale and if you need instructions on how to get the video and place it on your site, please click here.

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