Introducing the Beau-coup & Swoozies Party Favors Affiliate Program

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Beau-coup and Swoozies Affiliate Program

Please note I no longer manage this program.  Please contact the affiliate manager through the website contact information directly. 

Many of you are already familiar with the extremely popular Beau-coup party supplies affiliate program.  It is the leading party supplies affiliate program for anyone with traffic for bridal or baby showers, events planning, birthdays, DIY crafts or other types of sites with relevant traffic.  I’m very excited to announce that in addition to being one of the best party supplies affiliate programs, they are now one of the newest clients for Affiliate Management for Adam Riemer Marketing.  We also have some huge announcements changes that we have made and that I know you’re going to love.  If you haven’t signed up, click here to join and then read this post to find a few ways to make money with the best party favors affiliate programs Beau-coup and Swoozies.

To make this post easier to read, here is what we cover in the different sections of this post.  (I’ve also included a few of my favorite products from the program within the post.  They have a ton of others in almost every niche from Disney to Drinks and Candy to Carafes.)

  1. Share a Sale exclusive program
  2. Swoozies
  3. Why you should join
  4. Types of sites that should join
  5. Strategies to promote both sites

wine please party favorsThe Beau-coup and Swoozies Party Supplies Affiliate Program

1.  Share a Sale exclusive program.

I wrote this post on why Merchants should be one network for their affiliate programs, and Beau-coup has decided to move to a one network program on Share a Sale to provide you with these benefits.  It was a very difficult decision to choose which network since the previous are all amazing, but the main reason we’ve chosen Share a Sale for this program is because of the amazing tools available like product links, storefronts, creating custom links and creating deep links, as well as that this was the original network where the majority of our partners are.  Every network has great selling points but Share a Sale was the winner for this specific program when we went through the benefits of where to be exclusive.
personalized tumblers2.  Swoozies

If you go to the Beau-coup website, you’ll notice a tab that takes you to  Normally this would be a leak, however we have the same exact tracking pixel from Share a Sale in the Swoozies shopping cart.  Now your Beau-coup links will track for both Swoozies and Beau-coup as long as you are using Share a Sale affiliate links.  So what is Swoozies?

Swoozies is the perfect addition to the Beau-coup party favors affiliate program.  Besides all of the amazing products you can promote with Beau-coup, you now have a party supplies affiliate program with a ton of new products that can be personalized.  Swoozies features everything from party invitations and thinking of your cards to personalized coolers, glasses and flatware.  You can find stationary and gifts from brands like Kate Spade and Vera Bradley.  The Swoozies party supplies affiliate program even features fun novelty items like redneck wine glasses, solo cup inspired margarita, martini and wine cups and you can even find gifts for all occasions.

Now that these programs have been combined with one tracking pixel, the opportunities to earn money with the best party supplies affiliate program are almost endless.

When you log into Share a Sale you’ll be able to find both datafeeds ready to go.  They are also live in all major datafeed vendors.  One Affiliate even wrote to us to say that she was so happy to see Swoozies as part of the Beau-coup party favors affiliate program because many of the products on the Swoozies site were only available through UK merchants.  She now has a program that is based in the US to be able to promote these products.

solo cup margarita glass  3.  Why you should join

There aren’t many clean party favor affiliate programs out there that will protect you from end of sale poaching, adware, etc… (at least when I did my search).  This is why this program has been a favorite for event planning, DIY and events/party supply Affiliates.  We are always finding new ways to protect you from adware, coupon poaching at the end of the cart and also to provide you with the best selection of in demand party favors and supplies.  If that isn’t enough of a reason to join, here are some more.

The Beau-coup and Swoozies affiliate program offers our partners:

  • 10% commissions
  • 90 day cookies
  • Attentive management
  • Datafeeds for bother stores
  • A ton of party supplies and favors that your readers will love
  • And more!

Check out our websites for even more products and ideas of how these party favor affiliate programs can fit into your websites, and then join today so that you can start to make money with the Beau-coup and Swoozies party favors affiliate program.

fortune cookie favors4.  Types of sites that should join Beau-coup and Swoozies

There are a ton of sites that are a perfect fit for the Beau-coup and Swoozies party favors affiliate programs.  Whether you are a Mommy, Crafting or Party Planning Blogger, an Events Management company or even someone who likes to share gifts and DIY favors, we are the perfect fit for you.

Here are some of the types of sites we look for for the leading party supplies affiliate program:

  • Bloggers – DIY, Crafting, Party, Wedding, Bridal, Baby, Parenting, Bar/Mat Mitzvah and Religious
  • Resource sites and directories – The same types of sites as above but also business directories and corporate event planner resources
  • Social Media Influencers (Must use FTC disclosures)
  • Coupon and Loyalty sites – (Coupon sites must follow strict guidelines and cannot rank for url or trademark + coupons)
  • PPC Affiliates – (Must follow strict PPC guidelines about trademarks)
  • Event Planners – We welcome you to shop through your links to provide your clients with everything they will need.
  • And anyone else with relevant traffic

If this sounds like a good fit for you, click here to join now!

gumball machine favors5.  Strategies to promote the leading party supplies affiliate program. 

There are a ton of ways that you can promote both the Beau-coup and Swoozies party favors affiliate program on Share a Sale.  Below you will find a few article ideas, some ways to build out PPC adgroups and also a few social media strategies.  We’re always here to help come up with custom strategies for our partners so please join our program and let us know what we can do to help get you started!

Article ideas for the Beau-coup and Swoozies party favor affiliate programs:

  • 10 must haves when planning a party for (kids/newlyweds/adults).
  • 5 things to remember when planning a picnic at the beach/park/while camping (In this post you can include the personalized coolers, tumblers and sunscreen)
  • How to throw an (insert theme) baby/bridal/birthday party
  • 20 Must Have Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Gifts
  • How to select the perfect party favors for an (insert theme) party
  • 20 DIY (insert type of event) party favors

To build PPC campaigns for any type of affiliate program you need to remember that you will probably lose money at first and not every program can be profitable with PPC.  You also want to be as specific and niche as you can.  Using long tail terms instead of generic terms may have a lower search volume, but if your landing pages are the right ones and your ads and keywords are good, you can potentially become profitable.

When building PPC campaigns for the Beau-coup and Swoozies party supplies affiliate program, think about what would have larger orders and higher AOVs.  People buy some favors in bulk for weddings or if they are event planners.  If the products can be personalized, that could work better.  You may also want to drive them to a landing page on your site that has multiple options for the products.

Once the visitor is on your site you can pre-sell the products and talk about ways to use them so your visitors can picture the products in their head, how they will look and use them and they may be ready to purchase.  You’ll also be able to try and get them to sign up for your newsletter so that you can remarket to them over and over.  If it is baby shower favors for example you can send an email each year for their birthdays on the following years.

bottle openers shaped like menHere is how to take a generic keyword and help make it more longtail which may be able to convert better for you.

  • baby shower
  • baby shower favors
  • baby shower favors for boys
  • blue baby shower favors for boys
  • blue duck baby shower favors for boys
  • blue duck candle baby shower favors for boys
  • Bridal shower
  • Bridal shower party
  • Bridal shower party supplies
  • Personalized bridal shower party supplies
  • bridal shower party mints
  • bridal shower party personalized mints
  • bridal shower party personalized mint favors
  • bridal shower personalized mints white can

custom party invitationsIf you look at the basic keyword lists above, they start out generic and get more specific.  Remember to include colors, seasons, event types, genders, ages and other things that can better target your audience.  Because Beau-coup carries a lot of DIY products, you may want to try using ads to drive to a DIY favors post and then provide your readers with product links to Beau-coup showing where they can buy them.  Please remember that we do not allow the use of our trademarks, misspellings or extensions so you will want to add them to your negative keyword list.

Social Media Strategies for party favor affiliate programs.

Social media is a great way to drive traffic and sales.  The trick is to create a post or article with great images that are easy to share.  Take any of the article ideas above and then create a great looking and user friendly post.  Once you have written the post and created the crafts, begin to share them on social sites.

If you are using Twitter you can use hashtags like #InsterThemeParty #Weddings #BarMitzvah.  On Facebook you could show the images and have a link that points into your post and asks for people’s opinions and feedback.  You could also create Pinboards around the topics of your post.  The important thing is to make sure everything is relevant and that you always use an FTC advertising disclosure.  If you don’t then we will be forced to reverse commissions and possibly remove you from the program.

We’re very excited to be able to have you in the leading party favors and party supplies affiliate programs.  If you need anything for Beau-coup or Swoozies, use the contact form on this page or write us through Share a Sale.  Click here to join now!

*all images are from the Beau-coup and Swoozie’s affiliate program and provided by the merchant/client

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