Introducing the New Affiliate Program on Share a Sale

We earn commissions if you shop through the links below.

I am very excited to announce a new client with Adam Riemer Marketing, on Share a Sale.  The owner has seen me at many shows and I’ve met him and his business partner at different networking events; but I never really got how this could be a good or even a large niche for Affiliates.  Once we actually sat down and talked it became clear that this home improvement Affiliate Program has huge potential for anyone to make a ton of money.  (I actually launched a landing page styled site for fun and drove a $179 sale almost instantly when we were thinking about working with each other.  I like to test all Merchants before I work with them to make sure the Affiliates who we recruit will be able to have a good chance at making money.  This one is a giant opportunity for you or anyone else who wants an untapped niche.)

As we looked over the program I started generating a ton of ideas for people who would be a good fit.  Oddly enough, most of them aren’t what you’d normally think.  I was also really excited to see one Affiliate generates of at least 1 $1,000+ sale each week, this same one just had one for over $5,000+ and one of the largest sales to come through was a $35,000+ sale.  We just had another one for $35,000+ with someone who is using them on the outside of his building, but unfortunately it didn’t come through an Affiliate site.

One of the largest Affiliate Commissions I found was for $799 and then the same Affiliate earned another huge one within the same week!  The earnings and potential in this program that is exclusive to Share a Sale are huge, and there is little to no competition in the SERPs, especially for the long tail.  Look at the sites ranking and you’ll see how easy it will be to start getting traffic, even on a new domain.

Here is what we changed in the program and why you should join.  (I go into site and article ideas right after).

  • We removed all of the active and inactive adware that we could find.  We feel the program is virtually parasite free.  (I would like to add a note that before taking over the program, it was running un-managed after it parted ways with the previous company which is when the Affiliates we removed may have joined.)
  • We removed all of the coupon sites ranking for trademark or URL + coupons as none of them were compliant or adding value.  Instead they were poaching sales from legit partners and from Decorative Ceiling Tiles.
  • We removed all of the trademark bidders we found.
  • We did a full audit of the creatives and they have a ton of awesome banners in all standard sizes.  We are adding to this and also creating more widgets and building a better datafeed with best sellers as options.
  • We launched the first coupon code for the program in a long time which is now available inside Share a Sale.

The program offers our partners:

  • 10% commissions
  • Lifelong cookies (They never expire)
  • A site designed by SiteTuners (Tim Ash’s company) for conversions.
  • Tons of creatives (Datafeeds, Banners, Widgets (coming soon), Awesome Video!, Texlinks and more!)
  • Custom coupon codes and deals
  • Attentive managers
  • Theft resistance to protect your commissions and cookies
  • Phone tracking
  • No leaks
  • And more!

You can join the program by clicking on this link.

Sites that could be a good fit for the Affiliate Program.

  • Home Improvement/Interior Design/DIY sites and blogs – This is pretty obvious, but the uses for the tiles are what make it unique.
    • Ceilings
    • On furtniture to accent it
    • On walls in random places for accents.
    • As an entire wall
    • To create a mancave or an antique look and feel inside your home, office or anywhere else.
  • Restaurant/Hotel/Real-estate marketing sites and blogs
    • In the vendors and DIY section
    • A way to quickly and easily up the value of your home based on appearance
    • How to get a better feel, make your hotel or restaurant look more classy or comfortable, help to break up sounds by removing the flat ceiling and replacing it with something that can break up sound and reduce noise.
    • Use them on the bar, host stand, reception desk to give a more high end look instead of a boring, flat panel.
    • Use as an accent wall outside of a restaurant or hotel by the entry way or smoking area to add class and elegance without a ton of work or spending a lot of money.
    • On the backwalls of cabanas, spas or other things you’ll find on the hotel properties.
  • Pool, Outdoors and Backyard sites
    • These look great under waterfalls, on outside bars and to change the look of your outdoor grill or alongside your house by your pool as an accent wall.
  • Law Firms and Business Space sites.
    • These groups are always looking to add more class and trust to their offices and work spaces for their clients.  This is a cheap and easy way to do it.
  • Men’s sites and Mommy Bloggers
    • These tiles were featured on the show ManCaves and many others about turning his space into a classy looking, masculine room.
    • Mommy bloggers love promoting these as a cheap way to add an extra bit of elegance to their homes, kitchens, living rooms, game rooms or bathrooms.
    • For weekend projects like adding backsplashes to your kitchen, cornices for a border and redoing a room.
  • Photography/wedding/bridal sites
    • The tiles make awesome backdrops for photos.  They are cheap and you can buy multiple patterns or the same pattern and create something amazing.

There are a ton of ways to promote and add ceiling tiles, cornices, backsplashes and other things to your current websites and make sales.  I am always here to help generate custom ideas for articles and ways to make it work for you.  Just use the contact form on this site and I’ll reach out to you and set up a time to talk.  I hope you all choose to join the Decorative Ceiling Tiles Affiliate Program by clicking here.   You’ll be shocked at how this niche that seems like it wouldn’t be big is actually a huge market, and one that you can easily make money with.  I tested it with a new url and it worked for me which means anyone can make money with this Affiliate Program.

Here are a few of the video creatives you can use that are all available inside the Network.

We can also get you all of these videos with my favorite video marketing tool that you can find here. You just need to buy a subscription. I think pricing plans start at $4.99 now for bloggers and smaller sites. This Affiliate Video Marketing Tool kicks any other tools butt, however the share a sale video tool is a good second option that is free. They have a free version as well so you can easily try it out before you upgrade and get full access including analytics and more apps.  Thank you again for reading and I hope you all give the Affiliate Program a try.

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