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I’m very excited to announce a new client,, which you can find exclusively on Share a Sale.  The Hips & Curves plus size lingerie affiliate program is an amazing opportunity for you to make money.  We are very excited to be working with their amazing in house team to offer you all support, custom creatives and everything else you need to succeed.  If you haven’t thought about promoting plus size lingerie, costumes or any of the accessories within the site, you are missing a great opportunity to help empower your readers while making money.

About Hips & Curves. is an amazing store.  From the quality of the images on their site, the people behind the scenes and the overall philosophy about empowerment, confidence and knowing that you don’t have to be a size 2 to look amazing, the entire experience is about being a woman and being amazing, strong and beautiful no matter what size you are.   You’ll see that the product images are of real women that look amazing and aren’t a size 0.  They are like art work instead of just a product photo.  That’s only one thing that makes this plus size lingerie affiliate program and store amazing.  The next thing is the product selection.

The products are extremely fashionable and not something you’d expect to come in a plus size.  Because of the selection of fashion and function, your readers, viewers and followers will love your recommendations within the Hips & Curves plus size lingerie affiliate program.  The entire experience is empowering for people and instead of seeing a size 2 model selling to a size 14 lady, your referrals will see images of real women just like them and looking amazing.  Size doesn’t matter when it comes to looking sexy, feeling gorgeous and knowing you can seduce your lover and create an amazing evening.  That’s what shopping with Hips & Curves is about.

With a huge selection of everything from fashionable lingerie and costumes, to swimwear and shapewear, caters to plus size women and their admirers. There is no reason to not look amazing and feel incredible about yourself when you are size 14+.  By joining this amazing plus size lingerie affiliate program and referring your followers, readers and fans, you can feel confident that Hips & Curves will do their best to boost their confidence with a bustier and to help your traffic know how to feel confident when they show off their outsides while making them feel amazing inside as well.

Why join and who should join the Hips & Curves plus size lingerie affiliate program?

There are a million reasons why you should join the Hips & Curves plus size lingerie affiliate program on Share a Sale.  According to, not only are 60% of American women overweight, but according to (The US Census site is down because of the Government Shutdown), in 2000 there were 143.4 million females.  A large percentage of these women are ages 18+ (from what I could find) meaning this market is huge!  The search volumes you can find inside the Google Keyword Planner are insane and there is a ton of room to take over the longtail traffic, drive sales through Pinterest and help your current readers find an amazing way to surprise their lovers.  With a company that stands by helping women feel empowered regardless of size, and providing an amazing user experience, this program is a must join program that you need to be a part of.

Here are some of the types of sites that make a great fit for this amazing plus size lingerie affiliate program.

  • Fashion blogs (Plus size and regular)
  • Weight loss and diet blogs (About being healthy, not skinny.  With that said, many plus size women read these blogs and may shop through them as well.  Articles could be about finding the right lingerie for your current size or lingerie while you’re on your way to your ideal weight.)
  • Health and fitness blogs  (women of all shapes and sizes are interested in healthy lifestyles.)
  • Lingerie and romance websites
  • Dating and romance resources
  • Renaisance Faires and Festivals
  • SteamPunk Sites
  • Sites for Cross Dressing, Transgender and Lesbian communities
  • Sites about healthy sexuality and romance (not porn)
  • Wedding and honeymoon sites
  • Bachelorette sites
  • BDSM resource sites (not porn)
  • Costume sites
  • Valentines, Christmas and other holiday and gift sites
  • YouTube and social media people that use video and images to show off and explain why to buy products or demo them.
  • PPC partners (no trademark bidding)
  • Anyone else with relevant traffic

There is a ton of room to enter in or add a section or category to your current sites.   When your traffic sees the amazing photography, the support and product selection, you’ll love knowing you’ve helped to bring even more confidence into their lives with a store that caters to helping women look amazing and feel confident, sexy and proud to show off their bodies no matter what size they are.  Join the HipsandCurves plus size lingerie affiliate program here.

How to promote this plus size lingerie affiliate program?

Promoting this program is very easy.  Here are a few ways to help you get started including article ideas for your websites, keywords you may want to use as a starting point for PPC and using video to drive sales.

Article ideas to make money with plus size lingerie affiliate programs.

There are a million article ideas for you to write about when looking how to make money with plus size lingerie affiliate programs.  You can tie other programs into it, cross sell and upsell accessories and more importantly, get shares and add value to your readers by creating a resource for them.  Here are a few article ideas you can use for your blogs and websites.

  • Spice up your Valentine’s with these Top Ten Products for Valentines Day.
  • 5 plus size lingerie styles for 5 romantic evenings (You can do Valentine’s, Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Honeymoons, Random Nights,  Just Because I Love You, Hard Day at the Office, etc…)
  • 12 romantic settings you can create for steamy nights of passion
  • 5 must-have accessories to create your own Fifty Shades of Play
  • 5 ways to wear a corset outside the bedroom.
  • 5 ways to flirt with your next door neighbor (boss, delivery guy, best friend’s brother)
  • 6 lingerie styles that make curvy figures even sexier
  • 5 sexy plus size costumes that start with a corset – and how to accessorize them
  • 5 products you didn’t know you needed for your honeymoon
  • 5 ways to feel confident wearing sexy lingerie for a new lover
  • 10 ways to feel empowered while wearing lingerie
  • 5 lingerie styles that look great beneath a trench coat
  • What’s your lingerie style?  5 unique lingerie personalities – from Good Girl by day/Vixen by night, Soft and Sweet, Sophisticate, Fun & Flirty, etc..

You can easily add our products to any of these articles and all of them can help to be a useful resource for your readers and followers.  Each of them can help to make women feel empowered, can help to promote a positive self-image and help to sell the products.  If you want help creating a couple of custom article ideas or want us to help create one for you, please contact me or leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help.  You can also create a Pinboard or a Pinterest marketing plan using these articles as a Pinboard idea.

PPC keywords to help drive sales.

One opportunity you have within this program is PPC.  There is a huge volume of untapped PPC longtail phrases.  By using the following keywords and negatives, you can help to attract these types of visitors and hopefully drive sales.  Please remember that we do not allow any link cloaking or trademark bidding in any form.  Also, use these as a base keyword, but include your own modifiers to make them more relevant.  These are suggestions you can use to start your campaign but are not guaranteed to be profitable.

Keywords: (use modifiers like plus size, 14, 15, 16, black leather, tie up, floor length, etc…)

  • black bustier
  • sexy maid costume
  • sexy pirate costumes for women
  • plus size black bustiers for women
  • plus size corsets for drag queens
  • red corset or bustier and garter set
  • plus size french maid costume
  • plus size white honeymoon lingerie
  • size 16 white bustier
  • plus size shapewear for women
  • plus size lingerie
  • plus size wedding garters
  • plus size wedding lingerie

Negative Keyword list:

Here are some negative keywords I recommend you add to your negative keyword list so that your ads have a better chance of not showing up for non-relevant searches and so you don’t show up for our trademarks or urls.

  • hips and curves
  • hips&curves
  • hips&
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • Porn
  • Video
  • Used
  • Movie
  • Videos

Think about what people could be looking for that we don’t carry material, size or that we don’t have on our site and add those into your negative keyword list.  This could help you to make your ads more relevant and drive more targeted traffic that may turn into sales.  We’re always happy to help generate keyword and negative keyword ideas for you.

How to create videos to promote and sell plus size lingerie

There are numerous types of videos that you can create to promote plus size lingerie affiliate programs online.  You could do a fashion show, you can try a demonstrative one showing off the product or you can create one that talks about how you can set a mood and also cross sell products to increase your AOV which would mean more money for you.  Here are a few types of videos that you can make to help promote and sell the product lines from Hips & Curves online.

Demonstrative videos – If you have actual product from the store, you could show it off by holding it in front of the camera.  Talk about how you feel when you wear it, why it is well made, what features you like and as you are describing these you can have the camera focus in on these sections of the products.

Fashion show styles – One thing that could help is to create a very classy video wearing the styles you own.  By showing off and explaining how it makes you feel amazing, special and also confident, you can help to empower other larger ladies to feel confident in lingerie and comfortable with their bodies at the same time.  Showing that big is beautiful and that they should feel proud, sexy and amazing is a great way to build trust within the video and help drive sales.

Setting a mood and giving ideas – One thing you can also do is either show off the pieces or wear the pieces and explain how they can be used to create a romantic mood for your lover.  Whether it is a red outfit for Valentine’s or a Black Leather one for an anniversary, show the pieces off or wear them and create a romantic and incredible scene for your viewers so that they can take the same products you have, or your ideas with the products that you recommend, and so that they can create this same romantic feeling and experience for themselves.  You can then try to increase your AOV by talking about how tying in a white boa can make your red outfit for Valentine’s perfect for Christmas and how a heart shaped crop can be a fun accessory for Valentine’s Day.  By tying in the accessories, mentioning things like leaving a trail of rose petals and finding you holding a tray of chocolates in the bedroom, you can help to get your viewers to imagine this with their partners and hopefully want to create the same scene.  Then you just need them to click through and buy the products.

Making money with the plus size lingerie affiliate program shouldn’t be hard.  If you are creative, have a following or can do SEO, you should be ready with a ton of ideas on how to make money with this one.  If you need any help, we are always here to offer ideas and support.  Just use the contact form on this blog or write to us through the network.  Thank you again for reading and we look forward to helping you make money with the Hips & Curves plus size lingerie affiliate program on Share a Sale.

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