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We earn commissions if you shop through the links below.

We no longer manage this affiliate program.  Please contact them direct with any questions.

If you have a foodie following or an audience that reacts to your flavorful photos on social media, the Panna Cooking affiliate program is perfect for you.  By becoming a Panna partner you’ll be able to offer step-by-step video tutorials from master chefs to your audience right in their own home.  The best part is that their program is 100% content site, social media and business partner based.

That means we protect your commissions from end of sale poaching, adware and trademark bidders!

If you’re ready to get started, click here to join.  If you want to learn more about this program, below you’ll find the program info, ways to make money as a food affiliate and a lot more.

  • program details
  • Article and content ideas
  • How to use the Pinterest ad platform for recipe affiliate programs
  • Social media sharing ideas
  • Join the leading cooking affiliate program here

panna cooking affiliate program program details

Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, demo chef, have a complementary product/service or are doing door to door knife and kitchen supply sales, we’re ready to help you earn more revenue.  Panna is excited to offer lead* commissions on a monthly tiered basis.

Lead payouts*: (a lead is a full 30-day trial form completion)

  • $10.00 1 – 14 leads
  • $12.50 – 15 – 29 leads
  • $15.00 – 30+ leads

In the near future, we’re hoping to be able to offer even more commission opportunities including app installs, in app purchases and other ways for you to make money.

The program is currently exclusive to ShareASale.  This means you get real time tracking, payment options for partners in multiple countries, tools like that ShareASale video player and a lot more.  Because Panna is also a current client of ours, we’re here to offer you the support you need to help you be successful.  Ready to get started, click here.

food blogging article ideas

Article and Content Ideas

Between the master chefs, varieties of foods and delicious dishes, there’s an almost endless amount of content ideas you could use to incorporate Panna into your content.  Here are a few article ideas to help you get started.

  • 5 Ways to Prepare an Incredible Holiday Meal
    • Talking about some of our recipes and dishes as well as incorporating our holiday banners can be perfect.
  • 6 Ways to Learn to Cook – Without Going to School
    • Panna makes a great option for this.  You can talk about being able to stop, repeat and watch the video so your visitors can mimic the master chef and not have to stress if they’re doing something wrong.
  • 9 Ways to Impress Your Date
    • What better way to win the person over than by showing off cooking skills.  Who doesn’t love a person that can cook?
  • 5 Fun Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Ideas
    • If going to Vegas or a wild night out isn’t your thing, having everyone try cooking a recipe can be a fun thing for a party.  The host could also buy each guest a subscription as a thank you for attending the party.
  • 12 Gifts Foodies Will Love
    • Foodies love Panna.  They get to learn to cook from master chefs and learn to make their favorite dishes.  That’s why Panna is perfect for gift guides and posts.
  • 7 Game Day Recipes That’ll Make Fans Cheer
    • If you have the recipes listed but need something complementary, you can use our game day or sports themed banners.  Another option could be to share one of our recipes within the post and then link to Panna with your partner links.

How to Promote Panna (and Other Recipes) on Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting channel for Panna affiliates.  It’s cheap to advertise, has a targeted audience and dedicated resources broken out by interest.  Start by thinking about why Pinners are there.

They’re looking for crafting projects, DIY ideas to decorate their homes and all things food.  You’ll find wish boards, gift boards, foods they want to make, accessories to prepare dishes, plating and display ideas as well as tons of niche boards for ingredients like bacon, specific holiday dinner ideas and fan boards for celebrity chefs and their recipes/restaurants.  This gives you a huge opportunity to make money with the Panna Cooking affiliate program.

Here is a basic tutorial on how to make money with Pinterest and cooking affiliate programs.  You can use either the images provided by Panna if you’re running a direct campaign, or give Pinterest’s video platform a shot with one of the videos available through the partner program.

How to Use The Pinterest Ad Platform For Recipe Affiliate Programs:

  1. Create a post on your blog with a recipe (or video), or use a product or deep affiliate link.
  2. Pin that post or upload the deep affiliate link (with an advertising disclosure) to Pinterest.
  3. Select traffic from the options on the left, set a descriptive name for your targets (Panna Cooking & Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas), a budget, start date and end date.
    cooking affiliate programs make money pinterest
  4. Select the pin that you would like to promote.
    select a pin
  5. Now give the specific pin a name that matches the campaign (or the name of the dish/recipe) and also add your blog post or direct affiliate link’s URL.
    making money with food and pinterest
  6. Click create an audience (if you want to go advanced).  If you do not want to try these, you can skip to the next step.If you recently did a blog post about Panna, selecting visitors from that post could be a great way to get a conversion.  If you tag your email database with the post they opted in from, uploading a list of Panna review newsletter sign ups may be good as well.  Engagement audience will only work if you can confirm you own the domain and actalike is very similar to the Facebook lookalike.
    what create an audience in pinterest is
  7. Under interests you’ll find a ton of food categories.  Select the ones that are directly relevant to the recipes you’re promoting.  (If I was really running this campaign, I would select the holiday option from the list since it is relevant).
    how to use pinterest interests
  8. Selecting keywords in Pinterest is very easy.  The trick is to be specific, but also don’t limit yourself.  If you’re only showing dinner recipes, don’t select sides and desserts.  If you’re promoting pies and cookies, you may want to just do Thanksgiving desserts, thanksgiving dessert recipes, etc…  You can also try turkey day, tday or other slang variations of the holiday (Christmas vs Xmas and Hanukkah vs. Chanukah).
    how to select keywords in pinterest
  9. In the next section you’re picking the languages, locations and other things people select.  Because it’s Thanksgiving, I only want the USA (because it’s a US only holiday).Side note: If you’re promoting a merchant that only takes US orders, you won’t want to advertise in Canada or the EU.You can also narrow it down to region like showing southern thanksgiving recipes to people in the south (or in the north to people who are from the south).  These are pretty self explanatory.
  10. Last is your maximum CPC.  This is what you’re willing to pay for a click.  I have rarely seen the CPC be as high as I was willing to pay, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  Think about how much you can earn off of the sale and how much a lead on your website is worth.  Then factor in the conversion rates and costs and determine what you’re willing to spend.

The Pinterest ad platform provides an amazing opportunity for cooking affiliates.  Depending on how good you get at targeting the right traffic is what will determine how much you can make.  However, you have to go in expecting to lose if you don’t know what you’re doing…the same with PPC or any other ad platform.  Start small and grow if you find success.  One thing to also remember is that your paid pins also gain organic exposure and can help drive traffic for a long time to come which is an added bonus.

If you’re ready to become a Panna Cooking affiliate, click here to join the program.

Social Media Sharing Ideas

This is fun.  We’re currently creating niche themes for almost every season.  During Thanksgiving and Football season you’ll have banners and images that feature popular dishes and recipes.  For spring you may find delicious desserts in pastel colors.  We even have banners featuring our Master Chefs in case you have a favorite or your audience responds well to them.

Here are some ideas you can use (make sure to have an advertising disclosure before the link “#ad” or “#advertisement”) on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts.

  • Ready for a Thanksgiving dinner that gets noticed? Check these recipes out #ad (insert link)
  • Want something new to sweeten your spring? These Macarons are delicious #ad (insert link)
  • Check-off your “if only” list. Learn to cook from master chefs here. #ad (insert link)
  • #Cooking made easy. Easy to follow videos from Master Chefs. Try it now! #ad (insert link)
  • Looking for game day recipes? Panna has a 30 day trial. Click my link #ad (insert link)

If you’re ready to begin working with a leading affiliate program for foodies, this is one to try.  I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the support we give to all of our partners.

Join the Panna Cooking affiliate program here!

*Lead value and the ability to earn lead commissions will depend on lead quality and quantity.  Panna reserves the right to remove the ability to earn lead commissions at any time for any reason.  Panna can also reduce the amount you can earn based on the quality of the leads.  It is up to you to check your commission model inside the network.

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