ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com April Affiliate Newsletter

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Here is the ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com Affiliate Marketing Program Newsletter for April, 2010.

Hello Affiliates,

Thank you all for another amazing month!  The ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com program on Share a Sale continues to grow and it is all thanks to you.

In this newsletter:

1.  New Banners

2.  New Commission Structure

3.  Ideas for Promoting ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com

4.  FTC Disclosure

1.  New Banners

ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com has recently added in 4 sets of niche banners for you including Gift Baskets, Smoke Shoppe, Golf Gifts and Groomsmen Gifts.  They come in all the standard sizes and are already linked to the different sections of the ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com site for you.

You can see a sampling of the new Gift Shop Affiliate banners here:

2.  New Commission Structure

ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com is proud to offer our Affiliate Partners a brand new commission structure based on total monthly sales.

12% up to $499.99
13% $500 – $749.99 in gross sales for the current month
14% $750+ in gross sales for the current month

These tiers are now live and you can start earning your way to higher commissions through Share a Sale.   The tiers to reset to 12% each month but if you consistently reach the 14% tier we are happy to work a custom deal out for you.

3.  Ideas for Promoting Executive Gift Shoppe

Do you have a sports site or have any sports related traffic?  How about Moms or Girlfriends who are dating a sports fan or love sports themselves?  ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com not only carries your standard gift items but also has a huge assortment of sports gifts and sports teams’ gifts perfect for both men and women.

Not only do these sell great year round for sports fans, but they are perfect for people of all ages and we have sports gifts in all price ranges as well so we can meet the budgets of almost all of your website traffic.

Here are some samples pages with ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com Sports Gifts:



These are perfect for Father’s Day, for Birthdays, first game of the season, first game with your kids and even just thinking of you gifts.

4.  FTC Disclosure

We would like to remind you that all review, blogs or sites with reviews must have an FTC disclosure on their site and be in compliance or you will face immediate termination from our program.  I would like to recommend this site for creating your disclosure policy:  http://disclosurepolicy.org/.  Although we cannot verify that the one you create via this site will be enough to meet the needs of the FTC, it is a great place to start.

Thank you all again for promoting ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com and if you ever need anything you can reach me at adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me, via Skype at adam-riemer or through my blog at http://www.adamriemer.me.



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