4IDR Launches With Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. for Affiliate Management

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I’m pleased to announce that 4IDR has launched their Affiliates Program on Share a Sale with Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. as their Outsourced Affiliate Program Management company.  So what makes 4IDR different than other programs and similar Networks that focus on Direct Response products and offers? Simple.

1.  We will not be knowingly partnering with adware, toolbars,  and Parasites.  We will also remove them as we find them to keep a clean and fair playing field for our Affiliate Partners and to protect the Merchant from theft.

2.  Since 4IDR does broker their offers like many of the other similar programs out there, there is always a question of will the Affiliate get paid.  Taking this into consideration in discussions with 4IDR before I would work with them we came up with a solution.  If a 4IDR product or offer goes live in our program, the Owner of the product must have an escrow account set up and if the balance is not replenished when it gets close to zero their offer is pulled and an email or newsletter will be sent to Affiliates letting them know to remove links.  I will also be posting to this blog to let you all know as well. 4IDR also has a credit card on file and will be on auto deposit on Share a Sale which is a secondary form of security for some that Affiliates will be paid.  Also, if I ever doubt that you won’t get paid, I’ll end my relationship with the company and post here that we have parted ways.

3.  We are staying away from free trials as much as possible.  Free Trials are a great way to get your website visitors to not trust you anymore if it is a limited free trial for supplements and the fine print says they have also signed up for monthly charges that are insanely high and they have to receive offers from third parties.  4IDR would like to reinforce their belief in their offerings and keep your traffic trusting your site so you will find that a majority of the 4IDR offers are full ticket not auto renewable charges with their supplements.

We are very excited to bring this program to you all and encourage everyone to join our program on the Share a Sale Network.

Click here to sign up for the 4IDR Affiliate Program.

Welcome to the 4IDR Affiliate Program exclusively on Share a Sale. 4IDR offers some of the most sought after and popular products that you see not only on TV but also in Print and hear on the Radio. Because of their heavy media backing, the 4IDR products are a sure fire hit with your website traffic.

4IDR has partnered with Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. for their Affiliate Management and is proud to offer our Affiliate Partners:



  • Attentive Affiliate Management
  • Parasite Resistance
  • Competitive Payouts
  • A Full Datafeed
  • Banners, Text Links, Videos
  • Auto Deposit
  • And More!



We accept the following types of Affiliates


  • Coupon Sites
  • Bloggers
  • SEO
  • PPC (No trademark bidding, bidding on product names or misspellings)
  • Comparison Shopping Engines
  • Reward and Incentive Sites (By approval first)
  • Article Marketing Affiliates
  • Social Media Sites
  • Newsletters (No email spamming and all Newsletters must be approved first.)
  • And more!



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