I cannot believe it is that time again!

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I can’t believe it is that time of year again.  It seriously came faster than expected.  Usually you have Thanksgiving and then can prepare yourselves for a while before you have to get ready celebrate all over again.  Somehow this year the season just snuck up on us faster than normal.

Everyone’s out spending thousands of dollars to prepare and buy gifts, they are getting dressed up and buying new outfits.  Men and Women are going to salons to get properly groomed to show off at their parties and the invitations are already in the mail and responses are on their way back to the hosts who are throwing the parties.

I cannot believe we are only a couple weeks away and you can almost count the days on your fingers until everyone gets ready to celebrate.  Yup I cannot believe that it is almost my birthday! ;-).

I cannot believe how quickly it snuck up on us this year but don’t worry, there is still plenty of time before hand for you all to get back to the malls, or even better yet shop through my links in this post and buy some pretty cool gifts.

Ok, I’m really actually not that conceited and this post is mostly a joke, but I did find some really cool gifts this year in case you still have to buy people gifts and I wanted to share them with you and hey, if you do want to buy one for me for my birthday, then feel free.

The Vampire Poken or The Poken Pulse.  (If you don’t know what Poken are, click here) If you know me, you know I am a sucker for Vampire Novels so immediately I fell in love with the Vampire Poken.  However, the Vampire Poken isn’t really to professional looking so I cannot decide which one to buy, the Professional looking Poken Pulse or the Vampire Poken which is just pretty cool. So if you want to help me decide, let me know which one you think I should buy, or better yet, surprise me with it for my birthday lol.  Just click the link and respond back here so I know not to buy one =0).  Plus, if you are going to Affiliate Summit or you have a friend who is going, you will probably be one of the only people there without a Poken so I highly recommend buying one ASAP so you don’t miss out or look like you are out of the loop.

The Giant Blue Gummy Bear.  Not only is this thing cool, but it is not diet friendly and when I am having fun on my birthday, or you are at a holiday party and enjoying your friends and family, the last thing anyone wants to think about is dieting or calories so the perfect gift, besides the Poken for me for my birthday, or anyone really is the Giant Blue Gummy Bear.  It is not only completely different and seriously cool, but no one will have expected it either.

Now, because I am dieting and I also need to start eating healthier, most of us do, one perfect gift for this year and next year is a fruit gift.  Not only are fruits healthy, but you cannot go wrong with perfectly picked and ripened fruit and nut baskets or gift boxes.  Harry and David are great, but if you want an even better option, mainly because I met their Marketing team and really enjoyed our conversation, The Fruit Company is perfect for ordering a Fruit Gift and Gift Basket from.

Gift Cards to the Apple Itunes or Apps store.  I don’t know if they make these or not but I am seriously behind with downloading apps and the best way to get caught up is to not have to pay for them lol.  Who says bumping into someone isn’t a great thing to do.  The iPhone Bump App is definitely cool and a cool and inexpensive gift to give to someone.

You cannot go wrong with TV and DVD sets and one that I really want this year is Glee.  Not only is it a horribly addictive show, but you cannot stop watching it.  I love Sue (The lady from Best in Show) and the entire cast and if you haven’t gotten hooked on it like the rest of the world, then this is an awesome gift to get for someone.  Even if you don’t want the DVD set, the soundtrack to Glee is pretty good as well.  You could do it through Amazon or any other online retailer that does discounts if you don’t want to spend a ton of money.

The last gift recommendation for last minute shoppers is a Visa Gift Card.  Not only do you not have to think about what the person would want, but you also don’t have to worry about sizes or having to pick the right color.  Let them do it for themselves and you just give them a card that would be the same amount of money anyways.  You might think they are impersonal, but Visa Giftcards or Amazon Gift Cards are actually great gifts since you can use them for just about anything and the person can buy exactly what they want.

So this post is not at all about business or anything, but I wanted to post something fun for a change.  If you have any cool or good gift ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave them here in the comments section.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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