Using Movies and TV to Choose PPC Terms and Negative Terms

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Ok, I was talking to an AM and throwing some ideas at him for one of his Programs, even though he didn’t ask for them but I had some, and since I don’t do PPC as an Affiliate, why not share these ideas with him for other Affiliates, for him if he wants to pitch his Client, and to you all in case you would want to promote his program, etc… not to mention be able to use them for your own campaigns even if you are not promoting anything similar to what he is selling.

Anyways, as you all know I am overly obsessed with Poken, and finally ordered my own Poken today, the campaign negatives I would like to go over are all about the Poken.   So, although I am not going to give you a full keyword list for promoting a product like Poken, I will give you some things to think about when creating your PPC campaigns for promoting a Poken or Poken program through an Affiliate Link.

I cannot guarantee these will work for you so please create campaigns at your own risk, but these are some great terms to think about when you are starting to build your campaigns.

When looking at Poken, they seem like a complete fad or trend.  Something else that is trendy is music and movies.  Basically anything that has to do with music and arts for these can easily effect the success of your campaign, both positively and negatively.

For example, if you love Lady Gaga, you’ll know she had a song called Poker Face and Poker and Poken are very similar.  If you search the internet for Poken on second and third tier engines or use keyword tools you’ll see Lady Gaga Poken Face, you’ll see Poken, Pokemon and other things that are very similar to Poken, but in reality have nothing to do with them and can easily cost you money without making you any money because people click on random things or if they are not reading carefully, they can end up clicking your link and costing you money without having any interest in what you are selling or promoting.  Sure, there could be some crossover sales from Lady Gaga or Pokemon to Poken, but when you have to 1.  Make a profit off a low commission, 2.  Pay taxes 3.  Take out the cost of the conversion, you don’t really have much room to mess around so my recommendation is to remove these from your keyword list and block them as negative terms.

Now, if you’re not a DTM PPC Affiliate or build content pages, you can more easily use Media and different artists and tv shows to help you sell these more.

Suppose you sell Twilight Gear or you Sell other products related to Classic Horror Movies.  What you can do is not neccesarily bid on the term, but bid on things related to the movie like you can have your Twilight or Frankenstein landing page and add in the Vampire or Franky Poken to your page, let people know that they will be able to buy these Poken and use them to keep in touch with other fans of the same movies.  You can also put them there as a perfect party favor for parties or outtings to go see these movies or for parties themed for these types of events.  However, if you are going off of movie terms and traffic, make sure that you also block the terms that would not neccesarily lead you to getting a sale.  Leave those terms to your organic traffic since that is free for you.

For example, if you have a Frankenstein fan page and product page, but you don’t sell the manuscripts, block script, block the actors names, block the words like download or free since you aren’t selling it or providing it because chances are you won’t make money by giving the visitor a free download of the movie Frankenstein.  Now, there are a lot more terms along this line, but they are for you to pick out and find.  It is really simple, but you also have to be very on top of it.  When blocking movie terms, I usually have between 40 and 100 negative terms specifically for the movie terms.  If you are below 30 – 40, or even around the 40 mark for negative terms, you may want to go through your list one more time and really think about what people will find when looking for your site and what they might be looking for that they won’t find on your site, then use those terms to block them from clicking on your PPC ads.

Anyways, I wanted to do a quick post on using TV and Movies to help you pick terms and phrases for your PPC campaigns as well as find negative terms for your PPC campaigns.

If you want me to create a sample list for you or your product or a campaign you are working on, leave a message here and I’ll create one for you specifically.

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