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I did a post a while ago with three niches that have a ton of opportunities to move into and make money.  When doing affiliate recruitment last week I came across two more niches that have a search volume and a need, but not many sites with a ton of authority or that are well optimized helping to provide a resource.  This means that there is a perfect opportunity for Affiliates to move in and take over.  Below you will find two of these niches as well as the programs I manage that are perfect for them.

I’ll go over the niches, ways to move in and a few strategies you can use or how I would set up a website for them.  I cannot guarantee they will work for you because it depends on your skill level and strategies, but if I was looking for a new one, these are two that I would try or at least run a test with.  Please feel free to leave a note on your application if you decide to join the programs and I’ll make sure to rush your approval.  I have links below to join both programs.   

Plus Size Women’s Clothing and Lingerie.

Women’s clothing and clothing in general are very hard to move into.  You have to compete with large retailers and with merchants and vendors.  Unless you have a large following already, chances are you may only get long tail phrases, unless you really work hard at optimizing your sites.  With that said, try to approach this niche, or any other competitive one from a different angle.  Think about who uses the products instead of the products themselves, and then you may find a huge opportunity.

When searching for partners last week I was going after Stylists for plus size women.  When running searches on various queries like “plus size stylists”, I barely found any actual sites that rank and provide solutions for people within this niche.  When you go into local searches by adding a city name or area or event type, some search queries have more results that could be competitive, and others had none.  This is a great opportunity for someone to create style guides, put outfits together and talk about how and where the outfits are appropriate.  There is also a definite need for lingerie and romance since barely any relevant results showed up. This is where my client HipsandCurves.com’s affiliate program is a perfect fit.  Click here to join.

How To Create a Site to Make Money With Women’s Clothing.

The way I would create a site for this niche is to divide the site up into categories like romance and dating, casual lunches and parties, business attire, the gym or exercise and an other category for make up, hair, accessories, body types, accessories, etc…  From here I would create styles that make sense and also talk to a stylist about body shapes and what works for who and why.  I would do heavy research and also have a disclaimer that I am not a professional stylist, but someone who does some research and chooses things based on real life experience and that works with friends who fit this niche.

The next thing to do is to write posts about how you could put the styles together, what types of makeup and hairstyles could match and then talk about some of the types of places they could wear outfits like the one you’ve styled.

If it is a picnic, talk about how the clothing can be versatile for indoor or outdoor, rain outs, changes in temperature, mud or messes and how the outfit can work to keep you comfortable and looking amazing.  If it is for romance, create and set a couple of moods with ideas about how to incorporate the outfits, how to use them and to work them to set the right mood.  If it is for business, talk about how it works for the business setting, can be dressed up or down or for what types of meetings the outfit can be good for.  Then you could create an internal linking structure to other posts for different business settings and meetings.

Once you do this you have helped to create a great outfit (depending on your taste) and given the visitor some imagery of how they may look and why it is a good fit for that setting.  By providing a resource to buy the products (and having an FTC disclosure about affiliate links), you have created an even better user experience since the person can now buy the clothing you talk about and depending on when they find it, the styles you mention.  This type of site can also build a following so you get regular readers and can hopefully drive regular sales.  You can also invite other professional stylists to come in and help write copy for your site which also helps to provide them with exposure for their businesses.

International Gift Giving.

Trying to compete with gift, gift basket, shipping, fruit and flower delivery companies is very hard to do, but there is still a lot of room for new sites and Affiliates to move in.  If you try and go niche by the types of gifts for xyz people or groups, or a specific type of person, you may find some room.  If you try to focus on something a bit different where there is a large volume and not much SEO competition, or can be popular on social media sites, then you may have a better chance at making more money.

One of these niches is international gift giving.  There is a ton of room to move in for SEO and social media Affiliates and my client GiftBasketsOverseas.com has the perfect affiliate program for you to try.  Click here to join the program.  Here are a few types of niche sites that you can try to build which may work great for building an audience and driving sales.

  • Focus on countries where gift giving is part of the culture – There are a lot of countries where giving gifts for visiting someone’s home, doing business or even for meeting someone for dinner is necessary and required.  If you look at the sites showing up for some of the high volume and niche terms, the content is thin and the navigation makes it hard to find the info you’re looking for.

By creating a site based on a continent or country, and by sharing the mistakes that people make with colors, symbols and even the prices of gifts, you can create a resource for people to make gift giving based on culture easy.  You can also use affiliate links with example presents to create a better user experience and to monetize the pages.  Another option could be a niche site dedicated to doing business and gift giving by the type of event or meeting and show what gifts are appropriate by the person or group of people that you need to give a gift too.  By showing what is appropriate and what is not, you provide a resource to help the person learn and give them a perfect option to send helping you make money if they shop.

  • Write posts solving common issues with gift giving – Some countries have restrictions on what you can send as a gift to someone within the country.  Others stop gifts at the border and make the recipients pay tariffs to get the gift you want to send them.    Other times you have to worry about theft, damage with shipping internationally, or if the company you send the gift from is legit and will actually deliver the gift.

By creating a resource of gift giving issues based on country regulations (and keeping it updated), you can build a resource that can become a destination or resource site and can generate multiple sales per person based on the country and company trying to do business.  Because your site is updated, has examples of appropriate gifts and resources to send, people may bookmark it and continue to return each time they have to buy or send a new gift.  Infographics could be a great fit for each country as well showing the issues and solutions to help drive social media traffic.

  • Create sites for niche gifts for both of the above – One final strategy to move in this niche is to pick a country or theme like study abroad or business and create gift guides for the person or people that the visitor needs to send the gifts to.  The gift guides can be built for social media and sharing, and also optimized to try and target the person while they are looking on search engines for the appropriate gift or gifts to buy.  By getting the shopper while they are looking for a gift to buy, you may be able to have a higher conversion rate and generate more sales, even though the traffic volume may be low.

There are a ton of sites out there that rank well for gifts.  By focusing on issues with gift giving, on the appropriate gift by recipient or even creating gift guides based on the person or occasion, you can begin to move in and hopefully drive sales.  This could be a huge niche if you can build a great site with quality content and easy navigation.  It could also be one with repeat visitors if you find people that need to send gifts internationally on a regular basis.  These people can help you earn a lot of commissions, especially around the holidays in each country or location.

There are a ton of niches that you can still move into and make money.  I have numerous clients like PPTStar where you could write about using PowerPoints during a wedding speech to help people that are hard of hearing follow along if you have a wedding site.  Another one could be animal slippers and promoting my client CrazyforBargains.com.  The term slippers has a ton of competition, but when you go to the product levels you’ll find medium to high search volumes with little to no competition giving you the perfect chance to move in.  Please feel free to join any of these programs and I’ll be more than happy to help you come up with an idea, website or strategy for the programs.

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