How To Turn 1 Post Into a Marketing Campaign – A Kick Ass Must Read Post

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So I was thinking of one of the tricks I use when I get writers block to turn a day, or even a week of writers block into a good thing.  What I do is go back through some of my favorite posts and take one of them and give myself a week’s worth of work by taking that post apart.  This will probably be one of the best posts I write this year and I hope you all think so as well.  If you think it is good, stumble it, tweet it, like it, etc… to show that you enjoyed it.  Here is how you can take one post or article and develop an entire week’s worth of marketing campaigns from it.

The first thing you need is an article that has 3 to 5 bullet points.  Ten would work even better.  The other option is to take a post that describes and executes a strategy from PPC campaigns to throwing a birthday party.  Here’s what you do with an article that has bullets.

1.  Take the bullet points and create two or three articles about the topic the bullet point focuses on.  The submit a few to article directories and use the others for guest posts.  You can even save one for use on your own site as it’s own post with an internal link to the original for an SEO boost.

2.  Now, take the articles that you’ve written and record yourself talking about each of them separately or why they are good and important.  Now upload those videos one day at a time to your favorite video sites and add them to your own personal channel to develop a following and series about a topic.  It’ll be informative and you can add links back to the original posts to get more sign ups on your newsletter list and also exposure to your site and your advertisers.

3.  Now take each video you’ve created and transcribe them for new unique copy and then guest blog those via mini sites and blogs, or even bring them back to different article sites, guest blogs and publish them as unique articles and posts.  If you had three, then you now have a 3 post series for the week and copy to back it up.  The best part is that it is still unique.

4.  Now that you have all of this content everywhere, start going social with it.  Stumble it, Digg it, Mixx it, etc…  Get the word out and get some new followers liking what you’ve created.  Use this content to help build an even larger following.

5.  Now that traffic is on its way, if you haven’t already thought of how to monetize this content, look for affiliate programs, (the easiest is to find some of the affiliate management companies that you trust) and add in a couple of in content text links or banners.  You could also try widgets on the side or even adsense.

6.  Now that you are ready for more instant traffic, send it out to your fan base via your newsletter and see how it reacts.

7.  Now take the article series and start submitting it to sites like sphinn or others which have a community that likes, dislikes and votes for their favorite topics and sends even more traffic and links your way.  This is different than the bookmarking sites.  These are sites with communities and full posts instead of snippets.

8.  If you still have a couple of articles left and guest blogs are out, hit the main stream media and see if anyone needs filler articles.  You may be surprised how many need well written and relevant articles.  Since you have one or two that are ready to go, they may rush it in.

Suppose your post or article was a process instead of bullets, you can use each step and why those steps are important as your articles and submissions.  You can basically take any article, just like this one, and then break it up into separate pieces.  Then take those pieces and turn them into their own articles.  Rewrite them a few ways, video tape your own thoughts and explanations and then transcribe them.  All of the sudden you have a ton of content to begin going social, building backlinks and growing your site with.  Whenever I get writers block, this is what I do.  One article can give you a week’s worth of work and help you grow your business at the same time.  Next time you have writers block, instead of worrying about it, come back to this post and thank it for giving you a ton of ideas and things to do.

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4 thoughts on “How To Turn 1 Post Into a Marketing Campaign – A Kick Ass Must Read Post”

  1. I think what you’ve just done here is roadmap a coherent content strategy. This is something I do with clients. It allows them to develop consistent messaging on their industry without being too repetitive.

    The trick, of course, is what do you do once you’ve gone through this and the writer’s block returns ? 😉

  2. Christina Carabini

    This is usually called writers block and believe it or not its all in your head.There is no little switch in your head that only comes on when the stars align everything comes together and you get to write at your favorite time and in your favorite spot. This is especially true of writers who have tight deadlines and usually have to do research before they can write anything and go through several drafts before they land on something they can live with…………1 …….Published by ………I have been writing since I could pick up a pencil and reading since I was four.

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