My Poken Travels, Devner and Las Vegas

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So my Poken decided to travel with me again this time and it was his best trip yet.   My Poken (buy poken here, sell poken through here) came with me on a trip to Affiliate Summit 2010 Las Vegas with a quick stop over in Denver to visit some old friends.

When we got to Denver, he was completely overwhelmed, the vamp isn’t too excited about high altitudes, but he quickly calmed down and was ready to have some fun, especially after he met my friends there and had a glass of Chardonnay.  Unfortunately for him, there weren’t any other Poken in Denver for him, at least not in the group of people we were hanging out with, (I know Jen and everyone else there have Poken) so he really didn’t get to socialize as much as he would have liked to.  Instead he was able to get rested and relax for a while because he knew he was heading to Las Vegas where he would be going crazy and meeting a ton of other Poken 24 hours a day.

Anyways, we got on our next plane and headed into Las Vegas.  When we got there The Vamp immediately lit up because he knew he was about to finally get to meet a ton of other Poken Pals.

We went to our Hotel and immediately grabbed some of the door prizes from my Client Executive Gift Shoppe on Share a Sale, for the ABW inner circle networking event and the Carolyn Tang Bachelorette Party at the Rio.  Immediately when we got there the vamp light up with delight and started flashing because he instantly spotted some Poken Friends hanging on badges and when we found the iBar we saw tons of people Poking with their Poken.

Unfortunately for the group I sat with, no one had a Poken on them yet so the vamp had to wait for about 10 minutes until we went to the Miranda Room for the ABW Inner Circle party.

On the way to the party, the vamp wa feelin kind of down since he was left out of the events, but who wants to poke  stranger that you don’t know yet, so when we were heading to conference area he decided to leave my conference badge and drop into my pocket.  Luckily for him on his way to my front right pocket, we heard someone call my name.

It was Melanie Seery from Affiliate Advocacy, the leading Affiliate Marketing Industry Association for Tax Laws, and when she got there she had her very own Poken out and ready to roll and poke with the Vamp.  He couldn’t be happier, especially when we walked another minute down the hall and ran into the Girly Checks girls and guys, Jill and Bill, and they had their own Poken, Jill did, out and ready to bump.

Anyways, after a great meeting for the Poken and a ton of hugs for everyone like Lanadil from ABW, we walked over to the party where we were greeted by a ton more people and got to Poke Poken with a ton more like Sharon Moyston and other active ABW members.

Anyways, the event was amazing for everyone and we all got a ton of networking in as well.  The highlight for the vamp though was all of the great Poken Pals he met and made and for me it was being able to not loose a ton of cards and actually be able to remember the time and place I met everyone, as well as their websites and contact information.

Affiliate Summit West had everything from Poken Meetups and Pokes to bloggers who haven’t ordered theirs yet now seeing that although they are kind of stupid and lame when you first see them, they actually end up being an amazing tool to have at a show since it is much easier to hang onto one Poken than to have to keep track of a million cards and a million companies.  The Vamp Poken definitely made this trip easier for me and the other people who had Poken and if you haven’t bought your Poken yet, you are missing out.  Click the banner in the advertising section to go to my friend’s Poken Store and pick yours up before Ad Tech, SES or Affiliate Summit East.  Poken are picking up popularity and people are loving Poken so it is a definite must have over the next year for your Marketing shows.

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poken denver colorado
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poken las vegas

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