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The Executive Gift Shoppe is one of the newest Clients in the portfolio here at Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. and we are excited to present their Affiliate program on Share a Sale and Bridaluxe to you.

The Executive Gift Shoppe program isn’t like other custom engraved gift stores and gift shop Affiliate programs.  Executive Gift Shoppe is different because they stock a majority of their own products in house and also do their own custom engraving.  What also makes the Executive Gift Shoppe different from other custom engraved gift shops and Affiliates Programs is that they offer over 6,000 different products for you to promote and they have a price range that fits all of your website visitors budgets.

You can find custom engraved gifts at the Executive Gift Shoppe in every price range from $15 to $4,000 and up.  This is a key component to the success of their Affiliate program because when you look at their competitors, their competitors programs cannot offer this wide variety so their customers don’t always find what they are looking for or what they can afford.

For example, if you have a website visitor looking for business card holders, you can send them to any custom engraved gift shop.   The issue is though that even though that gift store might have a nice selection, your website visitor might be looking for a gold plated business card holder or they may be looking for a more flashy crystal covered card holders which your current gift shop might not have or be able to offer.  You also have to consider that your website traffic may not be looking for a normal business card holder at all but one that is for your desk and not one that you carry around at conferences.  Your audience may also have a material preference as well like gold vs. silver or red vs blue.  By sending your website traffic to the Executive Gift Shoppe, you can feel confident that we will be able to provide them with one of the largest selections of engravable gifts and ideas and we have gifts for people with all price ranges.

The program offers a 12% commission (soon to have a tiered commission structure), attentive Affiliate Management through Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC, parasite resistance and we offer a full datafeed which you can also access through PopShops, Datafeedfile, and Datafeedr.

If there is anything we can get for you to help you better promote the Executive Gift Shoppe, send an email to AdamR (at) adamriemer (dot) me.

Thank you again for considering the Executive Gift Shoppe and we look forward to working with you!

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