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I was looking through the products and sections of ExecutiveGiftShoppe.com, which has their Affiliate program on Share a Sale, so I could become a little more familiar with them, and I found some amazing products and ideas for Affiliates for the spring holidays.

I searched for the term basket on their website and it pulled back a ton of different gift baskets from all sizes, themes and prices.

They had everything from the romatic gift basket xxl  which is perfect for Valentine’s Day to Easter Baskets and even spa gift baskets for everyone who needs a break from the spring holidays.  Anyways, here is a small sampling of some perfect gift baskets for the Spring and some late winter holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Romantic XXL Gift Basket
Romantic XXL Gift Basket

The Romantic Gift Basket is one of the perfect gift baskets and perfect gifts to recommend to your website visitors for Valentines Day.  It contains everything from a cd filled with fabulous romantic music, a chocolate board game (we all know chocolate is a perfect aphrodisiac), a set of sensual lotions, caviar, champagne flutes, a sparkling drink and more.

This is an amazing gift basket to be able to recommend to your website visitors and the commission will be amazing with a very reasonable price point of $359.94.  I know it seems pricey, but when you finally see everything that is in this amazing romantic gift, you and your website visitors will be speechless and whomever receives it will be even happier; and since it is Valentine’s, when your Valentine is happy, chances are you will be happy to!

Valentines Day Chocolate Gift Basket
Valentines Day Chocolate Gift Basket

Since the $300+ range may be a bit pricey for some people’s Valentine’s Day Budgets, you are still in luck.  Executive Gift Shoppe has gift baskets in every range from $10 to $300+.  A mid level gift basket that also works for Valentines and is a bit cheaper is the Chocolate Gift Basket for $71.94 from Executive Gift Shoppe.

This Gift Basket is perfect for the couple that doesn’t need the extra romance since their spark is still there, but has also outgrown the cheap sampler candy heart boxes and candies from the Drugstores and Flower Shops.

This basket is made up of Chocolates from Lindt, Ghiradelli, Barton’s and all of the chocolates are wrapped in gold and red foil wrappers to add to the Valentine’s Day theme.  For $71.94 you cannot go wrong with this amazing chocolate gift basket and your website visitors will love it!

Mothers Day Gift Baskets
Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Another Spring Holiday that Affiliates do well with is Mother’s Day and the Executive Gift Shoppe has some amazing Mother’s Day Gift Baskets you can recommend to your website visitors as well.

One Mother’s Day Gift Basket that I absolutely loved was the Breakfast Gift Basket for just $77.94.

What Mother doesn’t love waking up to Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s day, but even more importantly gets a gourmet breakfast and some fabulous products to be able to cook her own special breakfasts for weeks and months after Mother’s Day so she can remember how wonderful her family treated her and celebrated the one day of the year dedicated to no one but her.

The Mother’s Day Breakfast Gift Basket is made of Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Real New England Maple Syrup, Belgian Stroopwaffles, Chocolate, Cookies, Coffees and more.

This is an amazing gift basket for Mother’s day and once your Mom or Wife opens her gift basket, she will thank you even more when you make her the first breakfast from the amazing ingredients inside the gift basket.

Spa Gift Basket
Spa Gift Basket

Suppose the Mom in your life isn’t soo much into food or food gifts, or a gift which means she has to cook.  Your Mom may be the type whose ideal day is to lay around and relax.

If you’re a new mom, or your readers are new Moms, they know first hand that although a day at the spa would be amazing, you just sometimes cannot afford it or at least the time away from the baby or the kids so why not treat her this Mother’s Day with a Spa Gift Basket so she can enjoy the luxury of a Spa at Home without having to worry what the kids are up to?

This spa gift basket contains everything the Mom in your life will love and want from Body Lotions to Body Butters, Body Bars, Bath Sponges and it comes in an elegant and femanine silver colored wire rimmed wire basket.  At just $59.94 this is a very affordable Mother’s Day gift basket for any Mom who needs a day at the spa but cannot get out to have one.  (There are a ton of other Spa Gift Baskets available so if you want more or less, or want to offer more to your visitors, just search the site, deep linking and custom links are enabled).

Easter Gift Baskets
Easter Gift Baskets

One more Gift Basket that I thought would be a great seller through the Affiliate channel is the Easter Bunny Basket and Gift of Treats from Executive Gift Shoppe.

Not only is this adorable, but it is also sure to make the recipient bounce up and down.

The Easter Bunny Gift Basket is made of M&Ms, Easter Themed Peeps, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, a Solid Chocolate Rabbit, and comes complete with a stuffed plush bunny toy perfect for anyone who loves Easter.

Executive Gift Shoppe has pretty much every spring holiday covered and even features Kosher Gift Baskets for Jewish Holidays.

The more I look through this Client’s product list the more I see with the potential for you all with this program.  They have one of the largest selections of products and stock almost everything in house.  If you haven’t joined them on Share a Sale yet, you are seriously missing out!

Let me know what you need to get started with the Executive Gift Shoppe Program and I’ll be more than happy to help get it for you!  Write me here or leave a message and I’ll get it.

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